Daniel Peterson

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Daniel Peterson
Character Profile
Also known as "Ezekiel Crow"
"Ritter Michaelson"
Born 7 October 3089[1]
Died 15 August 3134[2]
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Title(s) Paladin
Parents Michael Peterson (father)[3]
Celia Stevens (mother)[3]

Daniel Peterson, later known as Ezekiel Crow, was a Republic of the Sphere MechWarrior, Paladin, and traitor. Crow is described as having brown hair, dark blue eyes, and of being average height and build. He speaks with no discernible accent and is said to possess an "undeniable presence".[4]


Early life[edit]

Peterson was raised on Liao in the city of Chang-an.[5] He enlisted himself in the Republic military, attaining the rank of lieutenant.

Betrayer of Liao[edit]

The most infamous crime in Peterson's life was his participation in the Capellan attack on Liao. In 3111, a company of Death Commandos, supplemented by two battalions of the Holdfast Guard landed in the Liao system. They inflicted massive losses on property in the city of Chang-an, killing every soldier or civilian they found. This attack was later known as the "Night of Screams" in the Confederation, while in the Republic of the Sphere it was named the "Massacre of Liao". Peterson was responsible for helping them to land undetected, though it appears he didn't know the Capellan intentions. Tragically, and ironically, among the victims were his own parents.

After discovering that his actions had led to his own parents' deaths, he took the Capellan payment, fled the planet, and vanished being reborn as Ezekiel Crow. It is unknown why Peterson betrayed the planet, but it appears he didn't want the Capellan money, only to force the Republic into taking measures against Liaoists terrorists.

Paladin of the Republic[edit]

By the age of forty, the new "Ezekiel Crow" had already led a distinguished career. He was a graduate of the Northwind Military Academy; served as Planetary Legate for the planet of Foot Fall and led a successful effort against smugglers and terrorists in Prefecture V; he had been decorated with Knighthood; brokered a peace in the Liao Conservatory Rebellion; and finally made a Paladin of the Sphere for his service to the Republic.[6]

In November of 3132 Crow was dispatched to the planet of Northwind in Prefecture III.[7] His mission was to bolster and observe defenses on Northwind as the world was considered vital in the protection of Terra.[8]

In June of 3133 the Steel Wolves, under the leadership of Galaxy Commander Anastasia Kerensky, would invade Northwind and make an immediate play for the planetary capital of Tara. Crow would be instrumental in helping Countess Tara Campbell orchestrate a defense of the planet. He would become a confidant of hers and a lover.[9] He and Campbell would meet with Anastasia in a failed negotiation attempt to delay a final confrontation but this only angered Kerensky and precipitated the battle. Crow fought alongside Northwind's troops in the battle on the Plains of Tara, just north of the capital. During the fighting he would engage Anastasia Kerensky in his Blade until her Ryoken II was disabled by a lightning strike.[10] Kerensky's defeat helped turn the tide, driving the Steel Wolves off-world.[11]

Black Paladin[edit]

Among the Paladins, a notable figure is the "Black Paladin", Ezekiel Crow. As a Paladin of The Republic, he betrayed the very Republic he had sworn to defend a second time, on the planet Northwind. Countess Tara Campbell of Northwind and of the Highlanders, unaware of his intentions, had fallen for him. Shortly after his betrayal on Northwind, he attempted to assassinate Paladin Jonah Levin on Terra, and interfered with Terra's planetary defense against the Steel Wolves. His attempt was foiled when Countess Northwind defeated him and destroyed his 'Mech. Unbeknownst to her, he somehow survived, probably ejecting from his 'Mech just before it exploded, and fled Earth under another identity.

Return to Liao[edit]

Peterson returned to his homeworld on May 20th 3134, under the new identity of Ritter Michaelson, a war veteran coming from Earth. The name was, obviously, a joke: Ritter, in German, means "Knight", and Michaelson was very similar to Peterson. Even the fathers of "Ritter" died, years ago, in a fire, another cruel joke. Shortly after arriving on the planet Legate Victor Ruskoff summoned him to his office. He informed him about his parents "death", and later, asked him news about the republic's state. Then a friendship between them was born. Weeks later, Peterson was alone on his ranch when a Bannson's men visited him, and informed Daniel Bannson wanted his forces help, and Daniel could not refuse.

But Daniel clearly wanted to redeem himself: when violence started in Liao's conservatory, he joined Liaoists to prevent the violence from spreading. He knew one of most prominent leaders of the rebels: the young Evan Kurst. Peterson was clearly interested about the boy, he was like a younger version of himself in many ways: Kurst also lost both parents during the "Night of Screams", when a Republic mech passed through his home, and he deeply hated the republic, blaming it for his loss. Like Peterson before, he was really furious, and kept to himself, separated even from his friends. He was a Republic cadet, a MechWarrior, one of its soldiers... but only in face.

Behind its back, he fought to return his planet to the Confederation.

Logically, Peterson tried to mentor Kurst, helping him to not make his mistakes, but the young was too furious, and wouldn't listen. Peterson found himself in a impossible situation when Bannson's emissary ordered him to help a Liao dropship with troops to land undetected. Facing the same situation again, this time he refused to comply, and informed Ruskoff about the threat, only hiding his real identity.

Republic's fighters attacked and downed the ship, but it was full of civilians, refugees escaping from war. Bannson had anticipated his reaction and used it to force the Republic to commit a "war crime", which had the desired effect: the Liao population rebelled openly against the Republic... and Bannson revealed Peterson's real identity. Still worse: the real dropship with real troops landed undetected; the downed one was a decoy. Peterson fled, but two days later, he returned to the base, surrendering himself to Ruskoff willingly. This time, he told the whole truth, without asking forgiveness, without giving excuses. Ruskoff's friendship for Peterson was clearly real: when the Republic's situation on planet deteriorated quickly he asked Peterson to join his officer's table to discuss strategies, and made a surprising move: he gave Peterson amnesty, and a chance to redeem himself, fighting for the Republic in the oncoming battle.

Peterson didn't expected that move, and was very touched by it. He swore to not fail the legate... but his first act was more unexpected: he infiltrated in Conservatory of Liao, to finish a conversation with Kurst. He worried a lot about the young warrior, and tried to help him to overcome his anger... but Evan didn't listen, and Peterson left. The next time they saw each other would be on the battlefield. Soon, the final battle for Liao started: all Republic forces, led by Ruskoff, attacked the Capellan forces, trying to crush the only veteran unit, the Dynasty Guard, but they found themselves fighting first the reborn Warrior House Ijori, a fresh unit led by Kurst and composed by former students and rebels, including Kurst's friends. The warrior house fought a lot better than expected.

Peterson, in his Tundra Wolf, fought aggressively, and when the legate's 'Mech fell, he led a counterattack to rescue him. However, his way was cut off by Evan Kurst in his 'Mech, a heavy Ti Ts'ang. Peterson and his young alter ego and nemesis fought to the death. Kurst caused critical damage to Peterson's 'Mech, resulting in a reactor explosion.[12].

Death and legacy[edit]

This time, perhaps searching a noble death, Peterson refused to eject from his failing 'Mech, and died when it exploded, almost taking Kurst's life in the process. In an ironic twist of fate, the biggest traitor of the Republic's history died fighting for her, a hero's death. But, sadly, his sacrifice was useless: the legate was captured, Republic forces were defeated, and Liao was returned to the Confederation. Three months later, his vacant post of Paladin was given to Knight Janella Lakewood.


Peterson usually piloted a Blade. At his command, he defeated Anastasia Kerensky's Ryoken II in Northwind, but his 'Mech was destroyed by Tara Campbell. After returning to Liao and confessing his real identity, Peterson was assigned to a heavy Tundra Wolf, as one of the best MechWarriors on the planet, fighting for the Republic, but it was critically damaged in combat and he died when his 'Mech exploded.[13].


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