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"Attention, forces of the Arano Restoration! I am Commodore Samuel Ostergaard of the Concordat Navy. You are surrounded by a battalion of the Taurian's most decorated Mechwarriors. On behalf of our allies in the Aurigan Directorate, I demand your immediate and unconditional surrender. But I know you won't stand down Lady Arano. You're The Sword of Restoration - you have a reputation to uphold. And that's good. I wouldn't have it any other way."

--Samuel Ostergaard introducing himself to Kamea Arano and the Arano Restoration.[1]

Samuel Ostergaad
Died 3025
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Profession Commodore
Children Arms Dealer (son)

Samuel Ostergaard was a Commodore within the Taurian Concordat Navy.[2]


During the civil war between the Aurigan Directorate and the forces of the Arano Restoration Samuel Ostergaard's son was killed. Samuel's son was serving as the captain of the Concordat DropShip Newgrange at the time of his death, and the Restoration forces hired a small mercenary force to destroy or capture the Newgrange after receiving information that indicated that the Directorate was receiving weapons and armaments shipments from the Taurian Concordat, smuggled or transported aboard the Newgrange. Despite calls from Kamea Arano to surrender, Samuel's son refused to hand over control of his DropShip, leading to his death when the Restoration mercenaries destroyed a refueling station next to the grounded Newgrange, resulting in an explosion that engulfed and crippled or destroyed the Newgrange.[2]

A Father's Revenge[edit]

Go ahead and run--you won't go far. I volunteered for this shit assignment so I could have the pleasure of hunting you down. And when I catch you, I will make you pay for the death of my son.

--Samuel Ostergaard to Kamea Arano upon fleeing from Castle Nautilus on Artru.[3]

The death of Samuel's son would motivate him to fight against the Arano Restoration.

Samuel swore revenge on Kamea Arano and the mercenaries responsible for his son's death, agitating for continued or increased Taurian support for the Aurigan Directorate; Samuel led a battalion of Taurian Defense Force BattleMechs to Artru after learning that Lady Arano and the mercenaries responsible for his son's death were engaged in covertly recovering a recently-rediscovered Star League Defense Force cache in a hidden Star League Defense Force base on Artru known as Castle Nautilus. In the resulting ambush Samuel's forces killed the majority of the Restoration personnel on Artru, and nearly managed to kill Lady Arano herself. The mercenaries retained by Lady Arano destroyed the Star League cache within Castle Nautilus with explosives as Lady Arano led a lance of recovered Star League Defense Force BattleMechs through the Taurian attack to the waiting ARS Delfinas, a Leopard-Class DropShip; while Samuel was able to destroy the Delfinas, she was able to remain free long enough for her supporting mercenary forces to evacuate her using their transport vessel. During the course of the battle Samuel confirmed that his son had been unable to surrender the Newgrange because he was acting under orders, presumably from the Taurian Defense Force or Taurian government.[2]


On Coromodir, Ostergaard revealed that he is no longer with the Taurian Concordat Navy and his actions are his own. Grief-stricken, Samuel threatens the mercenaries that he is sending his dropship and remaining forces to destroy them. However, thanks to Farah sending the Locura virus to the Iberia, his ship was stricken with a host of catastrophic malfunctions. This final act would cause the Iberia to crash on the surface killing him instantly, along with the Directorate and Restoration forces on planet. With Ostergaard's death and the peace made between them and the Taurian Concordat, the mercenaries and Lady Arano could now focus on liberating the Aurigan Coalition once more.

Behind The Scenes[edit]

Samuel's voice was portrayed by actor Elias Toufexis.


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