Kamea Arano

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Kamea Arano, Age 26, circa 3025
Kamea Arano
Born 2999[1]
Affiliation House Arano
Title(s) Countess of Coromodir[1]
Position High Lady[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Tamati Arano II (father)[1]
Serena Espinosa (mother)
For the Reach!

--Kamea's battlecry in combat.

Kamea Arano was the leader of the Arano Restoration. She is described as "brave, idealistic, and determined.[2] She was set to inherit the throne of the Aurigan Coalition after her father's unexpected death, but was betrayed and driven into exile where she watched as her people were subjected to a cruel dictatorship.[2][3]

She fights to free her people from the brutal dictatorship led by the Espinosa family known as the Aurigan Directorate.[2] She is known to have been a MechWarrior, utilizing the Arano family BattleMech, a KTO-18 Kintaro, at first and later a recovered Atlas II that was regarded as the most powerful individual 'Mech in the entire region.


Running into a Coup[edit]

As Raju, the MechWarrior, and Kamea, were making their way to the Coronation, two Arano Royal Guard 'Mechs turned on her after being found out. As expected, she would be attacked by Directorate forces led by her cousin Victoria soon after. She would later escape to the DropShips thanks to the assistance of the MechWarrior and Raju. However, her DropShip would be attacked by Directorate aerospace fighters bringing down the DropShip containing both Lady Arano and Lord Alexander. With the destruction of the DropShip, Kamea was presumed dead by the Aurigan Reach.

Phoenix Rising[edit]

Kamea would create the Arano Restoration to fight back against her uncle's rule.

As it turned out, both Kamea and Alexander did survive the DropShip's destruction and went into hiding for over three years. She would gather people to her realm calling her group the Arano Restoration. She hired mercenaries and allied with the Magistracy of Canopus for financial support. Initially, she was gathering supporters on the planet to gain back her birthright, but Raju's death changed her motive to fight for the people who had suffered under her uncle's rule. While she would gather ruling house members and civilians to join her cause, Kamea used the mercenaries to handle important tasks and weaken the Directorate forces.

Retaking the Throne[edit]

With most of the Directorate in shambles, Lady Kamea offered both her uncle and her cousin the chance to stand down. While Santiago realized his mistakes and conceded, Victoria would refuse insisting that if she wanted to save her friend, Kamea would have to fight her to the death. With the death of Victoria, the Aurigan Directorate ceased to exist. Kamea would take the throne, bringing peace to the Reach at last. To show her gratitude to the mercenaries who aided her, she freed their debt, released their services to her, gave her Atlas II away, and as a bonus, Lady Arano would gift the crew with the Argo.


Kamea piloted a Kintaro KTO-18, a family heirloom.[3]

Upon finding an ancient Star League base on Artru, she upgraded to an Atlas II,[3] which she gave to the Mercenary unit that helped her to regain her nation.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Tamati Arano II
High Lady of the Aurigan Coalition

Succeeded by

Behind The Scenes[edit]

Kamea's voice was portrayed by actress Gin Hammond.


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