House Espinosa

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House Espinosa
Died out 3025
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition

House Espinosa was one of the seven noble families that form the Founding Council of the Aurigan Coalition, traditional rulers of Coromodir V.[1]


The only thing known about the Espinosas given their history was that they were manipulative and cold-blooded for the sake of keeping power. They would sacrifice anything or anyone for the cost of power. Victoria and Santiago are the only people who represent those traits, due to their history in founding the Aurigan Directorate.


The Directorate[edit]

When Kamea's parents died, Santiago would suggest that she should turn the reach into a dictatorship, she refused. As a result, Santiago would form the Directorate, forcing Kamea off the throne. He would later perpetrate the Perdition Massacre and start the Aurigan Civil War in his wake. The Espinosas would pave a campaign of brutality in their rule. This would result in the Directorate being destroyed by the Arano Restoration.


When the Aurigan Directorate was destroyed, House Espinosa would die along with it. With the death of Victoria and execution of Santiago, House Espinosa would cease to exist as a political entity within the Reach. The house itself continues to exist, in the form of a few heirs, among them, the High Lady herself.

Espinosa Family Tree[edit]

House Espinosa
House Arano
Santiago Espinosa
Serena Espinosa
Tamati Arano II
Victoria Espinosa
Kamea Arano

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]


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