House Espinosa

Crest of House Espinosa
House Espinosa
Family Profile
Died out 3025
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition

House Espinosa was one of the seven noble families that form the Founding Council of the Aurigan Coalition, traditional rulers of Coromodir V.[1]


After the Taurian Concordat's withdrawal from the Coromodir system, House Espinosa supported House Arano in the latter's bid to make Coromodir an independent system under their governance. In 2870, the two houses approached the leading nobles of Guldra, Smithon, Itrom, and Tyrlon, proposing what would become the Aurigan Trade Partnership. In 2910, this organization would become the Aurigan Coalition, with House Espinosa as one of the members of the Founding Council.[2]

From the time of Coromodir's independence from the Taurian Concordat to the founding of the Aurigan Directorate, House Espinosa served as chief advisers and supporters to House Arano.[2][3][1][4]

The Directorate[edit]

As the Coalition brought more systems under their banner, the Taurian Concordat began to take notice, and emissaries were sent to Coromodir in hope of signing treaties. Negotiations stalled due to inability to reach a compromise. Santiago Espinosa, the High Lord's brother-in-law and chief adviser, saw this as a weakness of the Aurigan political system, and urged Tamati Arano II to dissolve the Council and assume direct rule of all the worlds in the Coalition. Shortly after, the High Lord and his wife Serena Espinosa were killed in a JumpShip accident. Tamati's heir, Kamea Arano, rejected Santiago's plan. Believing the nation to be under threat, Santiago deposed Kamea in a bloody coup, and believed she had been killed. He created the Aurigan Directorate, keeping the nobles of the Council in line through bribes, threats, and hostages as need.[3]. He dissolved the popularly elected portion of the Council.[5]

Still, there was resistance. A notable example was the Second Decimis Fusiliers, a partisan group from Panzyr loyal to House Decimis.[6]. Then a new threat arose: the Arano Restoration. Kamea Arano had survived to escape the coup, and with mercenaries and even SLDF-vintage Assault 'Mechs, she began retaking worlds and rallying the Houses to her cause.[3]

At some point in this period, Victoria Espinosa used cyanogen gas in the Perdition Massacre.[7] She was also noted as having caused lasting injuries to Alexander Madeira.[8][4]

The Directorate forged a secret alliance with the Taurian Concordat, which provided the Directorate with heavy and assault BattleMechs and veteran personnel to go with them. However, the Taurians later withdrew their support.[3]

Finally the Restoration reclaimed Coromodir, ending the war. Santiago Espinosa was executed for treason.[9]. Victoria died in her final duel, piloting a KGC-0000 King Crab.[10]


When the Aurigan Directorate was destroyed, House Espinosa would die along with it. With the death of Victoria and execution of Santiago, House Espinosa would cease to exist as a political entity within the Reach. The house itself continues to exist, in the form of a few heirs, among them the High Lady herself.[5][1][4]


Even after the end of the Restoration War, pro-Espinosa resistance groups remained. Ibex Rampant, named for the heraldic crest of the Espinosas, and Forever Vigilant, adopting the Espinosa House Motto, continued to fight the Aurigan Coalition Military.[10][1][11][7]

Espinosa Family Tree[edit]

House Espinosa
House Arano
Santiago Espinosa
Serena Espinosa
Tamati Arano II
Victoria Espinosa
Kamea Arano

(Sources: Santiago was father of Victoria.[5] Santiago was Kamea's Uncle, and Victoria her cousin.[4] Tamati II's heir was Kamea, and Santiago was his brother-in-law.[3])

House Madeira also had family ties to House Espinosa.[1]

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]

The House Espinosa estate was on the southern landmass of Coromodir V.[1]



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