House Arano

Crest of House Arano
House Arano
Family Profile
Title(s) Count of Coromodir[1]
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition

House Arano was one of the seven noble families that form the Founding Council of the Aurigan Coalition, traditional rulers of Coromodir VI and the wider Aurigan Coalition.[2]


The family has ancestral Hawaiian and Maori roots. [3]

  • House Sigil: Gold Great Cormorant on a red field.[3]
  • House Colors: Red and black with gold trim.[3]
  • House Motto:
Without foresight or vision, the people will be lost.[3]

Rulers of Coromodir[edit]

When the Taurian Concordat withdrew from the Coromodir system, Wiremu Arano became the new Governor and, with the support of House Espinosa, declared Coromodir independent.[2]

Aurigan Trade Partnership[edit]

In 2870, House Arano and House Espinosa sent diplomatic missions to the noble families of Guldra, Smithon, Itrom, and Tyrlon, proposing mutual defense and trade in the wake of rising piracy and lawlessness in the region. All agreed, and the Aurigan Trade Partnership was born. Wiremu Arano was the largest financial contributor, and thus was made executive of the new Trade Council.[2]

High Lady/Lord[edit]

At the start of the thirtieth century, Wiremu's daughter Keona Arano saw that the larger states were not going to return and reclaim their colonies as had originally been thought. She proposed the Aurigan Trade Partnership become an independent nation-state, the Aurigan Coalition. In 2910, she became High Lady of the new nation.[2] By tradition, House Arano is not part of the Founding Council, though the High Lord or Lady has authority to call meetings of that group and serves as chairperson.[3]

Arano Family Tree[edit]

House Arano
Tamati I
House Espinosa
Tamati II

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]

  • Ancestral 'Mech known to be a KTO-18 Kintaro.[4]
  • The Arano palace is located in heart of Coromodir VI's capital: Cordia City.[3]



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