House Decimis

Crest of House Decimis
House Decimis
Family Profile
Title(s) Marquis of Panzyr[1]
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition

House Decimis are one of the seven noble families that form the Founding Council of the Aurigan Coalition. House Decimis are the traditional rulers of Panzyr.[2]


House Decimis was one of the leading families of Guldra, along with House Madeira, when House Arano and House Espinosa proposed the Aurigan Trade Partnership, and they later became part of the Founding Council of the Aurigan Coalition.[3]

During the Restoration War, House Decimis faced a famine on their homeworld when Aurigan Directorate forces destroyed the crops. Nearly half a million people died.[4] Prior to the Battle of Weldry, a pro-Decimis resistance group calling itself the Second Decimis Fusiliers worked against the Directorate. When House Decimis declared for Lady Kamea Arano, who revealed herself to survived the coup against her, the Fusiliers also joined the Arano Restoration.[5]


The family has ancestral French and Haitian roots. House Decimis remains in power thanks to the taxes levied on the scavenger trade.[6]

  • House Sigil: An orange sun hanging above a snow-capped mountain.[6]
  • House Colors: Orange and slate gray with red trim.[6]
  • House Motto:
Rise above the mountains and excel.[6]

Known members of the family[edit]

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]

  • House Decimis occupies a refurbished palace overlooking Panzyr's decrepit spaceport.[6]
  • The house also had holdings on Guldra, shared with House Madeira, but after a fight between them, the other Houses stepped in to broker an accord and House Decimis relocated to Panzyr.[6]


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