Perdition Massacre

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The Peridition Massacre was an atrocity that started on the world of Perdition by the Aurigan Directorate in hopes of gaining an ally with the Taurian Concordat.[1]


In 3025, eager to gain an ally for the Aurigan Directorate and well aware of the Taurian paranoia against the Federated Suns, Directorate's ruler Santiago Espinosa instructed his daughter to instigate a chemical weapons attack against the Taurian world of Peridition, killing eleven-thousand people in the process. Santiago would provide evidence framing House Davion for the massacre, correctly deducing that Protector Thomas Calderon would partner with the Directorate against the Arano Restoration. The plan would prove helpful to both parties.[2]

Clearing the Evidence[edit]

The alliance would not last long, as the Restoration would work to find evidence against the Directorate. Thanks to the efforts of Alexander Madeira on Guldra, the Restoration would present this evidence to a Taurian Liaison. As a result, Santiago would be labeled as an enemy of the Taurian nation and withdraw all Taurian forces (with exception to Samuel Ostergaard who went AWOL to continue his personal vendetta against Restoration leader, Kamea Arano) from attacking the Restoration.[3]


While the massacre was successful at giving the Directorate allies, it would eventually end up hurting House Espinosa as well. After the proof of the massacre reached the Taurian government, the Taurians would end their hostilies with the Restoration and sanction Saintiago as a war criminal. When he gave up the Aurigan throne, he would be handed over to the Taurian authorities. Regardless of his fate, with Santiago gone, the Directorate in ruins, and his only heir dead, House Espinosa would end up being destroyed as a political entity in the Aurigan Reach.[4]


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