Seluk Tucas

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Seluk Tucas
Died February 2365[1]
Affiliation House Tucas
Profession Prime Minister
Siblings Fashir Tucas[2]
Children Caroline Tucas[3]


Prime Minister[edit]

In 2358 Seluk Tucas, a native of St. Andre, was propelled into the office of Prime Minister of the Capellan Commonality following the resignation of Julian Dux as a part of the political fallout from the continued lobbying and interference in Commonality elections from other nations and the invasion of several worlds within the Capellan Zone by the Federated Suns. One of Tucas' first acts was to negotiate a secret treaty with the Tikonov Grand Union, compensating the Grand Union for arbitrating in favor of the Sarna Supremacy when imposing an end to the Grand Union/Supremacy conflict that had begun in 2351. This Treaty was signed on New Hessen, which gave it's name to the treaty - the Hessen Conventions.[4]


Seluk would be killed when his home was bombed.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Julian Dux
Prime Minister of the Capellan Commonality
2358 - 2365

Succeeded by
Franco Liao


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