Stefan Amaris (Individual Stefan Amaris-class WarShip)

Stefan Amaris
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Stefan Amaris


The RWRS Stefan Amaris was one of the first three vessels of a new class of battleship being constructed by the Rim Worlds Republic in secret prior to the Amaris Civil War, and was a result of direction from First Consul Stefan Amaris that the Republic should produce a mighty battleship to be the premiere WarShip in the Republic fleet, which he would lead to triumph over the Star League. Amaris' ego led to the class of ship being named after him as well as the RWRS Stefan Amaris herself,[1] which went on to serve as the flagship of the Rim Worlds Republic Navy.[2]

When Stefan Amaris launched his coup the RWS Stefan Amaris was leading the Rim Worlds WarShip fleet in the Sol system. The McKenna-class battleship SLS Star League - lead ship of Star Squadron and flagship of the Star League Defense Force First Fleet[3] - and her escort vessels were attempting to support SLDF forces fighting at Geneva and Unity City and assist in the evacuation of the First Lord and senior government staff when the RWS Stefan Amaris and her escorts attacked the SLS Star League.[2]

A sister ship to the SLS Star League, the SLS Enterprise - command vessel of the High Command Squadron within the First Fleet - led her escort ships to defend the SLS Star League, and while the SLS Star League was lost, the SLS Enterprise and her accompanying ships destroyed numerous Republican WarShips above Terra; among those destroyed was the RWS Stefan Amaris, which was lost along with three of her escorts above the Pacific Ocean.[2]


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