Stefan Amaris (WarShip class)

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Stefan Amaris
Production information
Manufacturer Rim Worlds Republic
Introduced 2764
Production Year 2764
Use Battleship,
Frontline Combatant,
Orbit-to-Surface Fire Support,
Escort Ship
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 1,040,000 tons
Length 1,605 meters
Sail Diameter 1,200 meters
Fuel 15,000 tons (37,500 points)
Burn Rate 39.52 (maximum days)
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Top Thrust 2.5 g
Sail Integrity 6
KF Drive Integrity 21
LF Battery no
Armor Ferro-Carbide Armor
DropShip Capacity 4
Crew 35 officers, 110 enlisted/non-rated,
100 marines, 204 bay personnel
Grav Decks 2 x 150 meter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 100/60
Heat Sinks 1,666 (3,332)
Structural Integrity 100


The Stefan Amaris-class was the first and only Battleship-type WarShip created for the Navy of the Rim Worlds Republic. Built prior to the Amaris Coup, President Stefan Amaris was the driving force that led to construction of the class as a part of his efforts to conquer the Star League.

The first three vessels of the class played pivotal roles during the Coup. These ships were sent on "shakedown" cruises to the Terran Hegemony, where they were to be refitted with lithium-fusion battery systems; they were used alongside the bulk of the Republic's garrison force fleet to secure the Hegemony for now-Emperor Stefan Amaris.

Two incomplete ships were still under construction at the time of the Coup and were soon captured by General Aleksandr Kerensky's SLDF forces during the SLDF invasion of the Republic. General Kerensky ordered that the two incomplete vessels should be completed and play leading roles in recapturing the Hegemony from Amaris's forces. Although both former Republican vessels fought until the end of the SLDF campaign to recapture the Hegemony, none of the five Stefan Amaris-class Battleships would ultimately survive the war.[1]

Armaments & Capacities[edit]


The capital weaponry included: its front arc has a trio of Heavy Naval PPCs. On its front sides it has three Class 25 & 30 NACs, backed up by pair of Killer Whale capital missile launchers. In its broadsides, its capital weapons bays would include a trio each of Heavy Naval PPCs and Class 20 & 35 Naval Autocannons, while its aft sides retain the same complement of weapons with the addition of two Killer Whale Launchers. Protecting its after section are the ship's only Class 40 Naval Autocannon along with pair of Class 45 Naval Lasers. While falling short of the McKenna's long-vaunted firepower, the Stefan Amaris-class was more than capable of fighting the lighter and older ships that made up the majority of the Inner Sphere's navies.[citation needed]

Its conventional weaponry included in all the ship's firing arcs: four Gauss rifles, four LRM-20 launchers, backed up by a grouping of four medium lasers & four small lasers. Small Pulse Lasers serves as the ship's point defense system, firing against fighters and missiles alike.[1]


The ship's hull was armored with 1,889 tons of Ferro Carbide armor, which provided more protection than the Star League's McKenna-class Battleships.[1]


The ship's payload included:

  • Bay 1: Fighters (18) - 2 Doors
  • Bay 2: Fighters (18) - 2 Doors
  • Bay 3: Small Craft (6) - 2 Door
  • Bay 4: Cargo (97,600 tons)) - 4 Doors

Named Vessels[edit]

The list of Stefan Amaris-class WarShips can be found here.

Design Notes[edit]

The ship's crew includes 118 officers, 396 enlisted/non-rated, 98 gunners, 60 Marines, and 102 bay personnel. Its crew quarters include 25 first-class, 50 second-class, and 100 steerage quarters.

This WarShip has the following Design Quirks:


  • As of this writing, there is no assigned Battle Value for this WarShip. Record sheets for the Stefan Amaris-class battleship are found only in Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 2. Lithium-fusion battery systems were noted as having been fitted to Stefan Amaris and her sister ships; however, none of the stats show this.[1]



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