Support Particle Projector Cannon

Snub-Nosed Support PPC AToWComp.jpg
Particle Cannon (Support)
Production information
Type Energy
Tech Base Inner Sphere / Clan[1]
Year Introduced 2470 (TH)[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 1,800 kg
Infantry Crew 5[1]
Cost (unloaded) 45,000 C-bills[2]
Support PPC CBTComp.jpg
Particle Cannon
Production information
Type Energy
Tech Base Inner Sphere / Clan[1]
Year Introduced 2436 (DC)[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 40 kg
Infantry Crew 1–2[1][3]
Cost (unloaded) 7,000 C-bills[2]


Developed by New Samarkand Small Arms in 2436,[4] as well as a larger version by the Terran Hegemony in 2470,[2] the Support Particle Projector Cannon, also known as Support PPC or S-PPC, is the heaviest support weapon available to infantry units. Adapted from the Particle Projection Cannon normally mounted on vehicles, the sheer firepower unleashed by an S-PPC makes it an effective weapon for combating BattleMechs.[3][5]

There are two types of Support PPCs: those that must be carried or towed by vehicle, and those that are capable of being handheld with some assistance (Semi-Portable or SP-PPC).[6]

Support PPC[edit]

The Support PPC has several drawbacks which limits its use, first of which is that its sheer size and weight (1,800 kg) prevents it from being carried by foot infantry. This requires the weapon to be towed by a vehicle in order to keep up with an active battlefield, but given the dangerous nature of the S-PPC, enemy units usually designate them as priority targets in the opening stages of a fight. The S-PPC is also expensive and requires the use of a special battery to meet its energy needs. For this reason, the weapon is almost always employed from some type of fortified emplacement such as a pillbox or trench.[3][5] Also, because of the long recharge time between shots, many troopers prefer other faster-firing support weapons.[7]

Snub-Nosed Support PPC[edit]

The Draconis Combine released the infantry support version of the Snub-Nose PPC in 3082, reducing the weight to 1,600 kg and only needing three crew to operate. While the damage output compared to the standard model was identical, its firing range had been reduced, and the weight savings was essentially its only saving grace.[8]

Semi-Portable PPC[edit]

The Man-Pack Particle Cannon, often abbreviated M-PPC, is a scaled down version of the vehicle-mounted PPC that allows an individual soldier with a exoskeleton or a gyroscopic harness such as the special M-PPC waldo unit to use the gun as though it were a regular rifle. The weapon can be fired in either single shots or bursts. Two crewmen can also operate it together with a bipod.[3] The M-PPC was used mostly by elite commando units as a result of the size and cost making it impractical for standard military operations.[9]

Battle Armor[edit]

The Support PPC was developed long before the introduction of battle armor suits in the Inner Sphere. While technically easy to adapt the S-PPC to be mounted on the new platforms, battle armor did not start carrying particle projector cannons until the Draconis Combine introduced the Void suit in 3067.[4] Since then the weapon has been mounted on the Combine's Kanazuchi,[10] along with the Word of Blake's Shedu[11] and Nephilim[12] and the Taurian Concordat's Asterion.[13]




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