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Teleoperated Capital Missile


Special teleoperated versions of the Star League capital missiles were developed in the late 3050's by the Draconis Combine Admiralty[1] to overcome two problems with the original missiles: Their expendable nature and the guidance package. If the capital missile missed its target, it would simply self-destruct. Though this prevented navigation hazards, it was still wasteful, particularly with the primitive guidance packages the post–Succession Wars era Successor States could manufacture. The easiest way to solve the problem was to remove the guidance package and install communications links that would allow friendly operators to guide the missile like a remote-controlled aerospace fighter. Though the teleoperated missiles lost the ability to attack small craft[2], the ability to manually guide the missile and change targets more than made up for it.

Teleoperated Capital Missiles are particularly popular on Pocket WarShips, as these missiles are one of the few Capital Weapons that can fit on DropShip-sized vessels,[3] like the Leopard class Pocket WarShips used by the Word of Blake.

There are several Teleoperated Capital Missiles in use with the Inner Sphere and Clans:


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