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The Secret Fox

The Secret Fox
Story information
Author Bryan Young
Pages 35
Type Novelette
Product Shrapnel Issue 3
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 13 May 3143 - 1 August 3143
Followed by The Fox Patrol

The Secret Fox is a short story by Bryan Young that was published in the third issue of Shrapnel on 15 December 2020.

Plot summary[edit]

Seventeen-year-old Katie Ferraro has long dreamed of becoming a MechWarrior. On Jerangle, a backwater with little military activity, the closest she can be is an apprentice 'Mech Tech under her adoptive father Scarecrow, but she dreams of bigger things.

On 13 May 3143, while exploring in the wilderness near her hometown of Potsdam Town, Katie finds a decades-forgotten Kell Hounds Kit Fox. For the next couple of months, she repairs it in secret, intending to surprise Scarecrow with it. Unfortunately, on 31 July, the Red Stripe Raiders arrive at Potsdam, extorting money and supplies from the town. The threat of 'Mechs attacking her hometown, along with the monetary reward for driving the pirates away, leads Katie to reveal her 'Mech earlier than planned. When the pirates return a day later, she attacks and destroys them.

Taking money and salvage as a reward, Katie goes on to start negotiating a contract to protect the town, moving on to a new life as a mercenary MechWarrior.

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