Universal Act of Loyalty

The Universal Act of Loyalty was an oath of Rim Worlds Republican citizenship instituted by First Consul Gregory Amaris on 12 May 2573.[1]


In favor of self-determination, the militant Rift Republican Army occupied the Efrimal Long barracks and maximum security prison on Apollo in the spring of 2573. In response, First Consul Gregory Amaris ordered the Fifth Amaris Fusiliers and the Amaris Republican Guard to suppress the uprising. When Amaris' troops were fought off, Gregory instituted martial law and ordered the prison razed, killing all of the terrorists and many political prisoners.[2][3][4]

Unsatisfied with just putting the uprising down, Amaris then issued the Universal Act of Loyalty. The Act forced all citizens of the Rim Worlds Republic to swear a binding oath to the Republic and the Star League. Furthermore, the Act removed all local judicial oversight in favor of Star League courts without appeal. Republican citizens that refused to take the oath were branded as traitors, losing all property and legal rights within the Republic.[3][4][5]

More than 70% of Republican citizens took the oath, but only under duress, with the worlds of Somerset and Lackhove refusing the oath entirely. Somerset was embargoed until the populace, clansmen of Terran Scottish descent, reconsidered, and Lackhove was pacified by deployment of the Third Amaris Dragoons in 2574.[4]


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