Walker Clay

Walker Clay
Died15 April 3079[1]
AffiliationFederated Suns
RankVice Admiral[1]

Walker Clay was an officer in the Federated Suns Navy during the Thirty-first century.[1]


Walker Clay reached the rank of Vice Admiral in the Federated Suns Navy. In August 3078 he was serving as the Commanding Officer of the Fox-class FSS Indomitable. The Indomitable was assigned as part of the missile defence grid for Task Force EARTHBOUND, the Coalition Naval Task Force responsible for clearing naval defences around Terra ahead of coalition landings. Serving alongside the Indomitable was a sister ship, the FSS Admiral Michael Saille, and the Lyran Alliance also contributed two Foxes to the Task Force, the LAS Katherine Steiner and LAS Katrina Steiner.[2]

During the battle Clay disobeyed orders and tried to destroy the WoBS Beneficence, formerly the Avalon-class cruiser FCS Melissa Davion, which had been captured and suborned by the Word of Blake. Clay ordered Rear Admiral Marcelle of the Admiral Michael Saille to follow, and the Indomitable's first officer was shot and killed while attempting to remove Clay from command in accordance with the Federated Suns' Military Code of Conduct. Clay's actions cost Task Force EARTHBOUND part of its missile defense cover and the Clan Diamond Shark Potemkin-class carrer DCS Red Tide was struck and destroyed by multiple nuclear warheads as a result. The Indomitable was lost with nearly a ninety percent loss of life, although Clay survived; the Admiral Saille was critically damaged, and Rear Admiral Marcelle was killed during the battle.[1]

On the 14th of April 3079 Clay was sentenced to death by firing squad following a courtmartial conducted by a board of five naval officers of Vice Admiral or higher, with the execution being conducted the following day. The chair of the court martial, Admiral Gustafson Black, commented after the sentencing that Clay should have had the decency to die with his ship.[1]


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