Blood of Kerensky (series)

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Blood of Kerensky is a BattleTech novel trilogy by Michael A. Stackpole that transitions the BattleTech universe from its original Succession Wars era setting to the Clan Invasion era. This amounts to a 20 year jump ahead in the universe timeline from the groundbreaking events previously narrated in the Warrior trilogy and Gray Death Legion trilogy. Only one stand-alone novel, Heir to the Dragon, had previously explored the period after the Fourth Succession War and the War of 3039, albeit not in great detail. FASA had concurrently published the 20 Year Update sourcebook to depict the updated state of the BattleTech universe as of ca. early 3050, but the events from the Blood of Kerensky trilogy would immediately upend that status through the major shakeup that was the Clan Invasion.

The trilogy has been reprinted many times and has seen a number of editions including both print and EPUB. The first editions of these three novels were the last BattleTech novels to be published directly by FASA before the novel line was continued by Roc Books

  1. Lethal Heritage (September 1989)
  2. Blood Legacy (December 1990)
  3. Lost Destiny (April 1991)