Category:Classic BattleTech novels

For the purpose of this category, "classic" BattleTech novels are those published under the original BattleTech brand and set in the "Classic BattleTech" timeline (the late Succession Wars era, subsequent Clan Invasion era and Civil War era, pre-Dark Age) which was concluded with Endgame. Initially published by FASA up until the twelfth book (Lost Destiny), the line was subsequently taken over by ROC, including rebranded reprints of all FASA novels except for #2, The Sword and the Dagger.

Six novels published later under the MechWarrior series moniker also are set during the same time period. They are not covered in this category.

FanPro published a number of German BattleTech novels under the "Classic BattleTech" moniker between 2004 and 2007. Set in various eras from the Star League era up until the late Clan Invasion era), they included reprints of translated classic BattleTech novels as well as all-new original novels, most of which were not translated and published in english and therefore do not fall under the current definition of canon. The FanPro novels are not covered in this category; see FanPro novels.