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DB-6000 Defiance Bluestreak
Production information
Manufacturer Defiance Motors of Tharkad
Use Civilian transportation, off-road use, racing
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Chassis Type (Size) Monocycle (small)
Equipment Rating D/B/B
Cost 920
Introduced 3061
Technical specifications
Mass  ???
Top Speed 210 kph
Power Plant Hydrogren Fuel Cell Engine
Fuel (Type/Range) 2000 km
Armor  ???
Crew 1
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Bluestreak is a line of civilian monocycle racers produced Defiance Motors on Tharkad. The latest model, the DB-6000, debuted in 3061 at the Tatyana-500 Motocross, winning the race that year. Built for cross-country touring and racing, the monocyle is small yet powerful, with exceptional endurance from its compact engine.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Defiance Bluestreak features no weaponry or armament, but is exceptionally fast, with an off-road speed of 210 km/h. The Bluestreak has seating for a driver and passenger, and a small cargo hold with one access door in the rear capable of carrying up to 25kg in supplies. It is also equipped with a forward-facing Searchlight.[1]


  • An older version of the Bluestreak was available from at least 3057.[2]


As of this writing, there are no record sheets for the Defiance Bluestreak.


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