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Sub-capital weapons were created by Word of Blake engineers and technicians and released to production in 3073. Based on WarShip Capital Weapons, these smaller versions were created for use on the Word's Pocket WarShips. The Word engineers hoped that these "pocket capital weapons" would provide more effective firepower against enemy WarShips and planetary surfaces. These weapons are slightly more effective against small craft, aerospace fighters, and other targets smaller than 500 tons than their larger counterparts,[1] but they were still intended to destroy large targets.

One key advantage of the various Sub-Capital Weapon types was their ability to be used aboard any platform DropShip sized or larger. This meant that the Word could repair their damaged WarShips with less expensive versions of capital weapons with only a moderate loss in firepower. This feature allowed Word WarShips and Assault DropShips to remain a threat far longer than they would have otherwise.

The key disadvantage to using Sub-Capital Weapons and Capital weapons in the same bay was the reduction in targeting efficiency: The larger Capital scale weapons and their mounts simply couldn't track small targets quickly enough to engage them. Though Sub-Capital Weapons on their own could track the small targets more effectively, they were greatly restricted by the weapon mounts and tracking systems used by the Capital Weapons. A related, though less severe, restriction was imposed by the capital weapon's targeting systems: It was impossible to mount different types of capital and Sub-Capital Weapons in the same weapon bay. If a WarShip had a bay of Naval Lasers, it was impossible for the Word's refit facility to install Sub-Capital Cannons alongside them. They had to mount Sub-Capital Lasers. Interestingly, the Sub-Capital Missiles didn't suffer from the same targeting restrictions that the direct-fire Sub-Capital weapons did.[1]

There were only three types of Sub-Capital Weapon produced in any number: Sub-Capital Cannons, Sub-Capital Lasers, and Sub-Capital Missiles. These weapon types were derived from their larger WarShip mounted cousins, and several were found on worlds in the Blake Protectorate as part of their Space Defense Systems. The Sub-Capital Missile launchers found in these systems were also pressed into service as "rocket artillery" to assist the Word of Blake's ground based defenders.


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