Colstrup's Cavalliers

Colstrup's Cavalliers
Disbanded 3070
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


It is not known when Colstrup's Cavalliers was founded, but sometime during the Jihad the unit became embroiled in the Draconis March politics.

The unit was part of an unsanctioned attack on Galedon by AFFS units stationed in the Draconis March, one of a number of attacks mounted as tensions increased along the border in 3068.[1] The forces involved were the Second New Ivaarsen Chasseurs with mercenary support provided by Blacklate Mentals, Brian's Bombers, Colstrup's Cavalliers and Weizer Volunteers.[2]

The Draconis Combine deployed troops back to Galedon V in the first week of April 3069, intending to oust the rogue Federated Suns units located on the world.[1] The AFFS troops wouldn't retreat until mid-May, by which time a virulent epidemic of some kind had broken out on Galedon. (Later evidence proved that this epidemic was caused by an escaped weapon from a pre–Age of War ISF facility.)[3]

On the 20th of April 3070, An Ting found itself to suddenly be the subject of an investigation by the leadership of the Draconis Combine; the reason for the sudden interest was the outbreak of a plague which appeared to be similar to the Curse of Galedon, a plague that had appeared on the world of Galedon V the previous year. By December it had been confirmed that the two plagues were one and the same, and the plague had become a rapidly spreading epidemic on An Ting. The plague had arrived to the planet with the fleeing AFFS units. As with Galedon, the DCMS High Command placed An Ting under an immediate quarantine.[4] This wasn't enough to prevent panicked Combine citizens from trying to leave the world.[5] The plague on this world saw the destruction of the 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs and the remnants of their mercenary support, the Blacklate Mentals, Brian's Bombers, Colstrup's Cavalliers and Weizer Volunteers,[2] and also of the 12th Ghost regiment.[6][5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Colstrup's Cavalliers





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