Communications Protocol of 2787

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The Communications Protocol of 2787 was a document created by ComStar founder Jerome Blake and signed by each of the former Council Lords of the Star League. A small three page document, while vague in many places it solidly established the neutrality of ComStar's personnel and property.


As part of Operation SILVER SHIELD, Blake's plan to protect and preserve the newly rebuilt HPG communication network, Blake required the promises from each of Council Lords that in time of war that the facilities and personnel of ComStar would be neutral and above attack as well as their acceptance of the ComStar Letter of Credit to help fund and maintain the organization. Showing a high degree of diplomatic tact as well as a willingness to bend the truth to serve his case, Blake made a historic tour of the Inner Sphere in 2786 and was able to secure the signatures of each House Lord and in turn convinced the First Circuit to proceed with Silver Shield's third phase.

When troops loyal to ComStar seized Terra and Blake proclaimed it to be protected by the organization and thus neutral under the protocol, each of the Successor Lords expressed outrage that Blake had breached the intent of the document. But with the vital nature of the HPG network and with the First Succession War now raging, none were in a position to directly challenge Blake or the document.[1] [2]

The communications protocol later went on to form part of the Articles of ComStar, the rules governing the ComStar Order.[1]

Emergency Powers Act

Included as part of the Protocol, the Emergency Powers Act was a provision that allows the Primus of ComStar to grant a Precentor special command powers to operate independently without direct orders from the First Circuit during an emergency. The Act was evoked for the first time by Primus Hollings York (ComStar) in 2931 in response to Draconis Combine Coordinator Hugai Kurita's kidnapping of his ComStar Acolyte sister Necess, putting full control of events on the ground and its successful conclusion in the hands of Precentor Luthien Stephanie Hendriks. [3]


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