Traders Domain

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Traders Domain
State Profile
Dissolution year: 2835
Capital world: Wynn's Roost
Controlled system(s): 1
Head of State President


The Traders Domain was a region of the Outworlds Alliance,[1] which was mostly settled by Terran Hegemony settlers. In 2835 the region seceded under president Younger Wynn V of Wynn's Roost. The microstate was short-lived however, as it member colonies were too different and could not agree upon common action and goals.[2] The reason for the secession was firstly that the Outworlds Alliance impounded at Alpheratz a mercenary force hired by Wynn's Roost. Then a pirate attack on Wynn's Roost premiere fusion reactor factory demonstrated the need for protection.

The region would not survive the Succession Wars Era.



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