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War of the Tripods

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The subject of this article does not contribute canonical content to the BattleTech universe, either because it is not intended to or because it is not an official product.
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War of the Tripods
Product information
Type Scenario / RPG Adventure
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 35
Cover artwork Ray Arrastia
Interior artwork Ray Arrastia
Herbert A. Beas II
David Allen Kerber
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35HLW15
First published 31 October 2015
MSRP $1.99
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 30 October 3138
Series BattleTech Adventures
Preceded by Empires Aflame

Released in 2015 on the eve of Halloween, War of the Tripods is an adventure module published specifically for the latest edition of the BattleTech role-playing game, A Time of War and the A Time of War Companion. It has been established that the background information for the world of Bryant from War of the Tripods is canon, while the adventure itself is not-canon.[1] The War of the Tripods is also notable for being the first BattleTech Halloween title not to be free/pay what you want.

Teaser textEdit

“A Million to One,” They Said…
The year is 3138. Behind the walls of the “Fortress”, the stormy world of Bryant remains cut off from interstellar communications, apparently ignored by the rest of the Republic of the Sphere. Just as the usual cycle of continent-spanning “hypercanes” gives way to a pleasant, crop-friendly Calm Season in the planet's polar hinterlands, local communications break down amid the worrying rumors of fireballs streaking through the northern skies.
Have invaders from beyond the Republic actually made it through the Walls?

BattleTech Adventures: War of the Tripods takes players to the world of Bryant, inside the boundaries of “Fortress Republic” — a minor world, all-but overlooked by the universe around it, until the arrival of mysterious invaders. Can a team of local defenders turn back the attackers before it's too late? War of the Tripods includes a guide to this world, personal biographies on several key players, and adventure Tracks designed for use with A Time of War: The BattleTech Role-Playing Game and the A Time of War Companion, as well as special rules, equipment, maps, and Record Sheets for key non-player characters and equipment unique to this story.


  • The Eve of the War
  • Introduction
  • World Guide - Bryant in the News
  • Persons of Interest
    • Player Group
    • Richard Pierson
    • Carl Philips
    • Montgomery Smith
    • Elizabeth H.G. Welles
  • Adventure Tracks
    • The Falling Star
    • The Fighting Begins
    • Rise Against the Machines!
    • Underfoot
  • Debriefing
  • Gamemaster's Sourcebook
    • About Bryant
    • Aliens?
    • The Tripods
  • A Time of War Character Sheets/Combat Record Sheets
    • Michael J. Washington
    • Sergei Tucker
    • Red Team
    • Tripod Invaders
  • BattleTech Record Sheets