5th Rasalhague Regulars

5th Rasalhague Regulars BattleMech Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3030)
Nickname "Crushers of Insurrections"
Parent Formation Rasalhague Regulars
Formed unknown

The Fifth Rasalhague Regulars was a Medium BattleMech unit in service to the Draconis Combine. All members of the Rasalhague Regulars underwent intense screening by the ISF; Only the Sword of Light regiments were placed under more detailed scrutiny.[1]


Fourth Succession War[edit]

The fifth faced off against the 19th Arcturan Guards on Jabuka, the unit took a severe beating.[2]

Ronin Wars[edit]

During the Ronin Wars the Fifth Regulars were placed on Alshain. Declared ronin by Theodore Kurita the Fifth was defending several supply depots that were being used by the renegade DCMS forces. To destroy the invaders, the High Command dispatched Ryuken-ni. After stinging the Regulars for three days, Ryuken-ni sent their entire force against the Regulars' lines. This attack smashed two-thirds of the unit completely, and the remaining Regulars surrendered when they discovered they were surrounded. The survivors were held in a prisoner of war camp until after the Ronin War ended.[3]



The unit was skilled in riot control. [4]

Composition History[edit]


5th Rasalhague Regulars (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: General Hichi Kanuchiwan
The unit contains mainly medium machines.[4]




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