An Ting Legion

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Insignia of the An Ting Legion
An Ting Legion
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Return to Prosperity [1]
Parent Formation DCMS
Formed unknown

Formed in the wake of the First Succession War on the then still prosperous world of An Ting, the An Ting Legions have a history of honored service to the Combine and are closely linked to the An Ting Academy.


The Jihad saw the effective destruction of An Ting due to quarantine. The effects of this quarantine, and how it would affect the Legions was unclear, but rumors suggested the DCMS will not be rebuilding any of the destroyed An Ting Legion.[2] As the DCMS rebuilt from the losses taken, the An Ting Legion found themselves falling somewhere between the second and third tier of units when it came to replacements and supplies. Because of the smaller size of the An Ting Legion compared to the Regulars, the Legion found themselves a lower priority for rebuilding than the Regulars, but were accorded considerably more support than the Ghost Regiments or the Legions of Vega.[3]

The An Ting Legion shares with the Galedon Regulars by bearing the name of worlds lost during the Jihad. In An Ting’s case, the population managed through the plague while the rest of the Combine looked on and kept the planet quarantined. [4]

Units of the An Ting Legion[edit]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]


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