Bluth Corporation

Bluth Corporation
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Terra
Primary Products IndustrialMechs


Bluth Corporation is a large manufacturer of various IndustrialMechs. Bluth has produced the Buster series HaulerMech since the mid-26th century, and had numerous offices around the Inner Sphere. When a former employee of Bluth formed Sitwell Corporation and introduced the Powerman, the Bluth Corporation filed a lawsuit that lasted for years (the lawsuit actually lasted through the fall of the Star League and the beginning of the First Succession War). George Bluth, president and CEO at the time, was indicted on several counts of treason, embezzling, and theft. This led to the destruction of Bluth Corporation as an interstellar entity, with only the Terran office remaining intact.[1]

Headquartered on Terra, their products were critical to rebuilding the damage caused by the Jihad.[2] They were the largest producer of IndustrialMechs for the Word of Blake and after the Jihad they were under close scrutiny by The Republic of the Sphere. To improve their image, they began production of the Chaffee ServiceMech.[3]


Bluth Corporation has an manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Terra:[4][5][6]
Component Type
BC Buster[4][5] IndustrialMech - HaulerMech
CON-7 Carbine[6][7] IndustrialMech - ConstructionMech
ED-X4 Crosscut[2] IndustrialMech - LoggerMech
BT1 Chaffee[3] IndustrialMech - ServiceMech
Bluth-50S Buster[4][5]
Bluth Magnum-9 Carbine[6]
GM 150 ICE Buster[4][5]
Renault 120 Carbine[6]
Industrial Armor
Caterpillar IndusWeave Carbine[6]
Hughes CommerWeave II Buster[4][5]
Communications System
Doering Hi-Def Mk II Buster[4][5]
Marconi 63-T Carbine[6]
Lift Hoist
Bluth KargoKlamp-1107 Buster[4][5]
SteelTek Cargo Carbine[6]
Lonca Carbine[6]


  • The Bluth Corporation, the Buster IndustrialMech, George Bluth (with his charges of treason), and reference to rival Sitwell are tongue-in-cheek nods to the American television comedy, Arrested Development.


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