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Production information
Manufacturer Various
Use LoggerMech
Tech Base Tournament Legal
Cost  ???
Introduced  ???
Technical specifications
Mass 30
Engine 120 (Internal Combustion Engine)
Top Speed 64.4 km/h
Armament N/A
Heat Sinks None
Armor Durallex Commercial Light (Industrial Armor 42)
Communications System Doering Hi-Def Mk II
Targeting Tracking System None
Equipment Lift Hoist, Chainsaw
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 223[1]


[edit] Description

The Crosscut is a popular type of LoggerMech, praised for operating efficiency in woodlands and dominating commercial forestry. Like other IndustrialMechs, the Crosscut requires considerable skill to pilot and some MechWarrior academies employ them as training 'Mechs to teach their cadets.

Originally created by Eden Corporation of Terra, the design was licensed out to various Inner Sphere factories, allowing the design to survive Eden's destruction during the Amaris Coup.[2]

[edit] Weapons and Equipment

The Crosscut is equipped with a large chainsaw in place of a right hand actuator and a Cargo Hoist to allow it carry additional cargo with the left claw.

The 'Mech's Turbine Internal Combustion Engine allows it to achieve a top speed of 64.4 kilometers per hour.

[edit] Variants

  • Fusion Powered Crosscut 
    During the Star League era, some Crosscuts were equipped with Fusion Engines. However, scavengers have been stripping valuable fusion engines from these 'Mechs for centuries, making Crosscuts equipped in this fashion very rare.
  • Dual-Chainsaw Crosscut 
    This variant is a custom order design, which is typically used for demolition.

Some planetary militias have added weapons to the Crosscut to rig them for combat.

  • Crosscut (Flamer) 
    This variant adds a Vehicle Flamer and a ton of reloads to the left arm. It retains the Chainsaw and center-torso Cargo Bays. A single heat sink allows it to fire the flamer without heat buildup. BV (2.0) = 247[3]
  • Crosscut (RL) 
    This variant removes the Chainsaw, but keeps the right torso Lift Hoist. The Crosscut RL puts four ten tube rocket launchers in each arm. Three heat sinks disperse the launcher's heat. (This variant was used by the Marian Hegemony during the Jihad.[4] BV (2.0) = 422[5]
  • ED-X5 Crosscut 
    This variant was also used by the Marian Hegemony. Based on the ED-X4, it replaces the Internal Combustion Engine engine with a Fuel Cell or Fusion engine. The liberated space and weight was then filled by a heavy energy or ballistic weapon. It retained the saws of the standard Crosscut to confuse observers. Information about the weapons loadout is unavailable at this time.[4]

[edit] Custom Variants

  • ED-XX Crosscut "Icabod" 
    The Crosscut Icabod is a unique and experimental tech version used by Jake Hollins on Astrokaszy. Hollins has equipped the Icabod with a head mounted ER Medium Laser and ER Small Laser. This was done by using a Torso-Mounted Cockpit to free room in the head. The Internal Combustion Engine engine has been replaced with a fusion model that reduces the top speed to 54 km/h, but when the BattleMech Taser in the left arm hits his opponent, the lack of speed isn't an issue. The standard Chainsaw remains on the right arm and inflicts heavy damage in close combat. BV (2.0) = 417[6]

[edit] Design Quirks

The ED-X4 Crosscut variant features the following Design Quirks:[2]

[edit] Notes

Although referred to as a LoggerMech or ForestryMech, the Crosscut is related to, but not identical to the generic ForestryMech. Rather, it is one particular of many model variants of the generic design.[7]

The Crosscut was constructed with Total Warfare construction rules, while the ForestryMech used the previous Maximum Tech rules. A most notable difference between the two is that the ForestryMech only masses 25 tons, uses standard BattleMech armor, and has a top speed of 50 kph.

The Cargo Hoist was initially wrongly reported to be mounted in the Center Torso (rear) section, but this is impossible given that a Cargo Hoist requires three critical slots whereas only two are available in the Center Torso. The Cargo Hoist has since been errata'ed to be positioned in the left arm instead by Herbert A. Beas II, the line developer (as HABEAS).[8]
Record Sheets: Operation Klondike has the Lift Hoist mounted on the right torso, rather than the left arm.[9]

[edit] 'Mech Gallery

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