Record Sheets: MechWarrior Dark Age I

Record Sheets: Mech Warrior Dark Age I
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Loren L. Coleman
David L. McCulloch
Pages 80
Illustrations Matthew Plog
Klaus Scherwinski
Kai Spannuth
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 10983
First published 2003
ISBN-10 3-89064-983-1
MSRP $19.99


Record Sheets: Mech Warrior Dark Age I was to be the first of a series of published record sheet books of vehicles, BattleMechs and infantry units from the Dark Age era. These include units that appeared in here were original released with the first game set of Mechwarrior Dark Age.

The book featured a short story by Loren L. Coleman named "Fortune's Son", first TRO fluff for the Clan Battle Armor and Hauberk Assault Battle Armor. The book includes record sheets for types of infantry units. New and old variants of vehicles and 'Mechs are introduced for first time as well.

However, poor sales caused further volumes to not be published.

From the Back Cover[edit]

It is the 32nd century. After decades of peace and prosperity, interstellar communications break down and rumors of war sweep through the universe. As ancient hatreds and rivalries rear their ugly heads, people who have only known war through history books are suddenly thrust into the dark maelstrom of combat. Some fight for king and country, others for greed and power, others for love -- all will struggle to defeat those who would see them destroyed, while protecting the only homes they have known.


Peasant Foot Infantry Rifleman Foot Infantry Hover Bike Infantry
Advance Clan Armor Cavalier Armor Gnome Armor Hauberk Armor Purifer Adaptive Armor
Fox Armored Car Shandra Advanced Scout Vehicle Mobile Tactical Command HQ MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle Scimitar MK2 Hover Combat Vehicle
BE701 Joust Medium Tank Demon Medium Tank VV1 Ranger Infantry Fighting Vehicle Condor Multi-Purpose Tank JES I Tactical Missile Carrier
SM1 Tank Destroyer JI100 Transportable Recovery Vehicle DI Schmitt Tank JES II Strategic Missile Carrier M1 Marksman Tank
Behemoth II Tank ForestryMech ConstructionMech ConstructionMech MOD AgroMech
AgroMech MOD ForestryMech MOD MiningMech MiningMech MOD Arbalest
Arbalest 2 Koshi Koshi 2 Pack Hunter 2 Pack Hunter 3
Cougar X Cougar X2 Cougar X3 Spider SDR-7K Spider SDR-7K2
Firestarter FS9-M2 Firestarter FS9-M3 Panther PNT-10K2 Panther PNT-12K Hatchetman HCT-5D
Hatchetman HCT-5DD Black Hawk Black Hawk 2 Centurion CN9-D3D Centurion CN9-D4D
Legionnaire LGN-2D Legionnaire LGN-2K Legionnaire Raul LGN-2D Mad Cat III Mad Cat III 2
Catapult CPLT-C2 Catapult CPLT-K2K Ryoken II Ryoken II 2 Ryoken II Tassa
Tundra Wolf Tundra Wolf 2 Tundra Wolf 3 Zeus ZEU-X Zeus ZEU-X2
Zeus ZEU-X3 Atlas AS7-K2 Atlas AS7-K3 Jupiter Jupiter 2