Loren L. Coleman

Loren L. Coleman

Brief History[edit]

Loren L. Coleman is a science-fiction writer, known for having written many books for series such as Star Trek, BattleTech & MechWarrior: Dark Age, Age of Conan, Crimson Skies, Magic: The Gathering and others. A former member of the United States Navy, he has also written game fiction and source material for such companies as FASA, TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast.

He is one of the founders of InMediaRes, the parent company that owns Battlecorps.com, a website dedicated to Classic BattleTech fiction, and Catalyst Game Labs. He is the author of numerous short stories available on the website, including "Art of the Deal" and "A Race to the End." He is also the author of the serial work Shadows of Faith, the continuation of the main storyline from where it left off in Endgame.




Magic: the Gathering[edit]

  • 1999. Bloodlines

Vor- the Maelstrom[edit]

  • 1999. Into the Maelstrom

Crimson Skies[edit]

  • 2000. Rogue Flyer
  • 2001. Falcon's Prey

MechWarrior:Dark Age[edit]

Star Trek[edit]

  • 2003. Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers #29: Aftermath (eBook, released as an anthology in 2006)

Age of Conan[edit]

  • 2005. Blood of Wolves
  • 2005. Cimmerian Rage
  • 2005. Songs of Victory


Role Aids[edit]

  • 1993. Denizens of Diannor (Mayfair Games)
  • 1994. Underground Companion

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons[edit]

  • 1995. Chronomancer (TSR)



  • 2001. Earthdawn Companion, Second Edition (Living Room Games)

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