Columbus (Individual K-1-class DropShuttle)

Vessel Profile
Type Small Craft
Class K-1 (modified)

The Columbus DropShuttle was a modified K-1-class Small Craft. As of 3067 it was operated by Dr. Brooklyn Stevens and her team operating from the JumpShip Sacajawea, and was involved in investigations in the Mesozonia rainforest preserve on Shasta.[1] This implies that the Columbus, like the groups' other vessels, had previously belonged to Interstellar Expeditions.

On this mission the explorer team used an Ibex RV vehicle, though it remains unclear if they acquired it on Shasta along with their local guide, or if they had brought it on the Columbus which was parked at the nearest spaceport.

A tiny booth aboard the Columbus is mentioned that serves as both the vessel's breakfast table and a mid-day workstation. It is unknown if this is a standard feature on K-1 type craft.


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