Darren Fetladral

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Darren Fetladral (born 30?? - died 30??) was a Star Colonel in Clan Wolf during Operation Revival.[1]


A skilled MechWarrior and officer, Darren Fetladral was said to be a "soldier's soldier", a view that he himself fostered. By paying close attention to his techs and other support castes, Star Colonel Fetladral helped to ensure that his command was well-supplied and had the most up-to-date equipment.[1]

Clan Medical Miracles[edit]

According to reports, Star Colonel Fetladral was involved with a battle that left him with a most-severe injury: His spine was severed at his neck, effectively decapitating him. That he not only lived through such an experience, but continued to command and fight with his Cluster throughout Operation Revival speaks volumes about the Clans' sophisticated medical technology and sciences.[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

Commanding the Wolves' 3rd Battle Cluster during the Inner Sphere invasion, Darren Fetladral and his unit would not see as much action as they would have hoped, due to the unit recovering from several Trials fought in the run up to the invasion that left it severely undermanned. They would see some fighting, though, at Lovinac and Planting, and later as part of greater actions with Beta Galaxy at Sevren and Kobe. On Tukayyid, the 3rd Battle Cluster would be held in reserve until after the fall of Skupo, joining the 4th Wolf Guards in the vanguard of the drive to take the Wolves' second objective at Brzo. Star Colonel Fetladral would manage to escape the Battle of Tukayyid uninjured.[1][2][3][4]


Darren Fetladral was noted to pilot a Gargoyle prime as of 3052.[3]


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