Delta Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

Delta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Nickname The Lightning Riders
Parent Formation Clan Hell's Horses Touman
Formed Soon after Operation Klondike

Delta Galaxy is the premiere second line unit of the Hell's Horses Touman.


Originally created from warriors absorbed into the Clan during the campaign for Eden. Shortly after it formed, Delta faced nearly every Clan and defeated them in defensive engagements. The unit is filled with warriors who just barely missed an opening in a front-line unit. The unit is treated with much more respect than most second line Galaxies, receiving the best equipment. Many times a Hell's Horses Khan will draw upon the skilled warriors of Delta to make up losses in front-line units. [1]

After the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar Delta secured Kirin for the Horses and then went on to win ProtoMech technology on Huntress.[2]

The Lightning Riders would secure Paulus Prime in 3070, then rebuild their forces. In 3071 and 3072 Delta went on to strike at The Edge, New Oslo (defeating the 2nd Wolf Lancers Cluster), Liezen (defeating the 101st Battle Cluster), Unzmarkt, and finally it would establish a foothold on Hohenems. After all this, the Lightning Riders returned to New Oslo to rebuild.[3]

After the Wolf Clan relocated across the Inner Sphere, Delta Galaxy activated several contingency plans and took multiple systems formerly held by the Wolves. The aerospace facilities on Dell and Zoetermeer were among the first to fall, but the Eighty-second Mechanized Cavalry and Fourth Horde Cluster took Vulcan and Laurent from Clan Jade Falcon forces.[4]


As of 3059 to the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Danielle Amirault.[1] She was still in command in 3067.[5]

In 3145 Delta was commanded by Galaxy Commander Mana Dwelley.[6]


Favor the use of rapid strikes to probe and damage while maneuvering their heavy forces into position.[1]

Composition History[edit]






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