Faith's End

Faith's End
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Lola III


One of many WarShips to be disabled and abandoned or lost during the Star League era or the early Succession Wars, the Lola III-class destroyer later known as the Faith's End was one of a number of ships recovered by the Word of Blake[1] and restored to working order in secret.[2]

The WoBS Faith's End was one of three Lola III-class destroyers to serve in the Blakist fleet at the height of its power, serving alongside her sister ships WoBS End of Wisdom[1] and WoBS Guarded Knowledge.[2] The Faith's End was directly involved in at least one of the significant naval engagements or battles in the Benjamin system in 3072; the first conflict of the year in the Benjamin system to involve the Blakists was in May, when forces led by the 28th Division with support from the 45th Shadow Division and mercenary units[3] seized the planet on the 12th.[4][5] Nine of the planet's semi-suns were destroyed the initial invasion. Benjamin's defending DCMS forces were overwhelmed by the Blakist forces, who secured the planet with surrender of the 6th Ghost Regiment, but a guerrilla resistance force fought on after the occupation began.[3]

Six months later the Combine attempted unsuccessfully to break the siege of Benjamin in a campaign fought during the first two weeks of November 3072.[6][7] The battle cost the Combine three of their WarShips, the Kyushu-class frigate DCS Luthien and the Inazuma-class corvettes DCS Night of Agony and DCS Swiping Claw.[8]

Just a few weeks later, the DCMS were presented with the opportunity needed to free Benjamin; a naval flotilla from Clan Nova Cat backed up with ground forces attacked the defending Word of Blake forces in a sudden assault on the 16th of December 3072. The Nova Cat forces overwhelmed the majority of the defending Blakist forces before moving on, allowing the surviving DCMS forces still on Benjamin to reclaim the planet.[7][9]

The various battles in the Benjamin system in 3072 would claim a total of five Blakist WarShips. From their original fleet salvaged from the Ruins of Gabriel and elsewhere, the Word of Blake lost the Faith's End and the Vincent Mk. 39-class WoBS Blade of Holiness. The Blakists also lost the Fox-class corvettes FSS Robinson and LAS Robert Kelswa, captured earlier from the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance respectively, as well as the Eagle-class FWLS Bors, one of the WarShips from the Free Worlds League navy the Blakists had suborned in the opening stages of the Jihad.[1]


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