Flurry Cluster

A Flurry Cluster is a type of Cluster deployed by Clan Ice Hellion in the wake of the Hellion's Fury Campaign. Having succeeded in quickly acquiring territory throughout the Kerensky Cluster, Hellion Khan Tyler realized his garrisons had been spread too thinly. In order to create new commands quickly, Khan Tyler ordered the creation of Flurry Clusters, which would include a mix of fast combat vehicles (including VTOLs and hovercraft) and the rare salvaged BattleMechs and OmniMechs.

In order to raise the warriors required to form Flurry Clusters, Khan Tyler offered commissions to all Freeborns and Trueborns who had initially failed their Trial of Position. Most trueborns have declined, seeing such a position as more dishonorable than a lower-caste assignment, so Flurry Clusters tend to be made up of freeborn warriors. Flurry Clusters are commanded by bloodnamed warriors deemed too old and inept to command even a Solahma unit.

On the battlefield, Flurries must fulfill two tasks. Flurries must be able to rapidly respond, and delay an adversary unit regular frontline or secondline units are able to arrive. Unofficially, Flurries are meant to act as cannon fodder, so a flurry unit will engage and fight to the death. Indeed, a warrior assigned to a Flurry is not expected to live long. Because the commanders of Flurry units are considered too undesirable even for a solahma unit, the Flurry is the last chance a Clan Ice Hellion warrior has to die honorably in battle.


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