Gunnar Ericksson

Gunnar Ericksson
Died: 3025
Affiliation House Ericksson
CEO of Ericksson-Agro

Gunnar Ericksson (b. ???? - d. 3025) was a leading figure in the resistance to the Kuritan occupation of Verthandi in the early part of the 31st century.


Ericksson was described as having prematurely white hair and an aristocrat's bearing.[1] His family landhold, the Fox Island plantation located in Verthandi's Silvan Basin, had been owned by the Ericksson family since the first days of colonization. It served as the hidden headquarters for the largest rebel force in the area.[2] Ericksson approved Devic Erudin’s plan to travel to Galatea and recruit mercenaries to act as a training cadre, a move that upset James Thorvald greatly.[3]

An Ambivalent Welcome[edit]

When Grayson Carlyle and his mercenaries arrived at the Fox Island base, they were received by Gunnar Ericksson, Carlotta Helgameyer, Karl Olssen, and James Thorvald.[4] In a private meeting, Ericksson explained to Carlyle that the rebels could not afford to send the Gray Death Legion into battle.[5] Ericksson permitted Carlyle and his command to repair their BattleMechs at the old AgroMech manufacturing facilities hidden in caves at Fox Island.[6]

The Thorvald Fallout[edit]

Ericksson disagreed with Thorvald’s ambitious plan to storm Regis University, and when he could not talk Thorvald out of making the assault, suggested using the access tunnel from his family's AgroMech factory in Regis to bypass Kuritan sentries.[7]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Gunnar Ericksson was at Fox Island when a DEST commando team staged a night attack. He tried to escape, and was shot in the attempt.[8] His fate remained unknown to the rebels until Devic Erudin escaped from Kuritan custody and reported his death to Sergeant Ramage.[9]


There is a discrepancy in the story regarding the founder of the Ericksson family's AgroMech business, Ericksson-Agro. In Chapter 12, Gunnar Ericksson tells Carlyle it was his grandfather, but in Chapter 13 the story notes it was Gunnar's great-grandfather, Olaf Ericksson, who established the company.


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