Kilbourne Academy

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Kilbourne Academy
Kilbourne Academy logo
Kilbourne Academy logo
Academy Information
Location Kilbourne[1]
Course Information
BattleMechs Unknown - 3079+[1]
Infantry Unknown - 3079+[1]
Conventional Armor Unknown - 3079+[1]
Aerospace Unknown - 3079+[1]
Battle Armor Unknown - 3079+[1]
Technician Unknown - 3079+[1]
Engineer Unknown - 3079+[1]
Civilian Degrees Unknown - 3079+[1]


Star League Era[edit]

Located near Rio Grande on the Colorado continent of Kilbourne,[1] during the Star League era Kilbourne Academy primarily produced officers destined for the conventional forces of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns; this was largely due to the lack of attention that the Academy received from New Avalon, but it was in no way a reflection of the caliber of graduates. Conventional forces officers trained at Kilbourne Academy were considered to be of excellent quality, even if they were destined for the less glamorous roles of cavalry or infantry officer rather than MechWarrior. Graduates from the Kilbourne Academy were every bit of proud of their role in the AFFS as gradutes of other institutions.[2]

Succession Wars[edit]

During the Succession Wars and later centuries Kilbourne Academy was known for being dedicated to providing an excellent education to all of its students. In addition to the various military training programs the Academy also offered higher-level courses for civilians via the civilian university located on the same site; with access to higher education limited in the Outback, there was stiff competition to gain a spot at Kilbourne Academy.[3]

Civil War Era[edit]

In the years prior to the FedCom Civil War tensions ratcheted up sharply within the Academy due to an investigation by the DMI into treason and sedition within the region. The investigation ran for some time and caused enrollment to plummet, particularly among those applying for the civilian courses. Despite this the Federated Suns government continued to provide scholarships to the Academy for those willing to serve their nation for five years after graduating; those who graduated from the civilian courses via such a scholarship commonly found positions within either the Draconis March Militia or within the Draconis March bureaucracy.[3]

Dark Ages[edit]

With Kilbourne Academy being located less than sixty miles away from a group of minor volcanoes it was not uncommon for the Academy to weather storms dropping volcanic ash, rather than water. Cadets studying at the Academy would sometimes train in the geyser fields found between the Academy and the nearby volcanic countryside.[1]


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