LTV Aerospace

LTV Aerospace
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Inglesmond[1]
Primary Products DropShips[1]


LTV Aerospace was an aerospace manufacturing company that operated an orbital shipyard located in the Inglesmond system.[1]


LTV Aerospace had an orbital shipyard in the Inglesmond system,[1] located above Martim Vaz,[2] the sole moon of Inglesmond II.[1] At the height of the Star League era, Inglesmond was noted as being a producer of large numbers of common merchant DropShips and JumpShips from the shipyards located in the system.[1]

Following the departure of the bulk of the Star League Defense Force on the Exodus the planetary government of Inglesmond shifted the local economy onto a wartime mobilization footing, knowing that they would have to defend the planet and other local worlds against predatory attacks from the Great Houses if Terra was to have time to reestablish itself and the Terran Hegemony. As a part of these preparations LTV Aerospace began upgrading their shipyards to produce WarShips.[1]

By late 2787 the militia forces raised on Inglesmond had helped bleed the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery on several nearby worlds, and the Draconis Combine had re-evaluated the strategic significance of Inglesmond and its capabilities, determining that the planet was capable of becoming a significant local force if left unimpeded, and that there was a real threat of a rump Hegemony state forming in the region if Inglesmond was left unchecked. Already heavily engaged with both the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth, the Combine was unwilling to tolerate another threat, and decided to strike at Inglesmond. Having conquered Dieron in December 2786, the Combine struck at the LTV Aerospace shipyards in 2787.[2]

The LTV Aerospace shipyards were guarded by two WarShips that had been loaned by Dieron, and millions of tons of WarShip were under construction within the shipyards; progress had been slow, due to the reliance on a small number of key facilities and then the Combine capture of Dieron, but upgrading and production was still continuing apace. The raid that destroyed the WarShips in the Inglesmond system and the LTV Aerospace yards was conducted without the use of Combine WarShips, as the bulk of the Combine navy was already in action against the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth. While Combine forces launched a diversionary attack on Lone Star, a small group of converted DropShips armed with nuclear-tipped Barracuda missiles were transported to the L1 Inglesmond-Martim Vaz pirate point and attacked the battle station located there; at the same time, a smaller contingent of converted DropShips equipped with Alamos raced to destroy the shipyards in orbit above Martim Vaz. The heavy use of nuclear weapons against the battle station distracted Inglesmond's defenders, who decided by a narrow margin to concentrate their aerospace forces against the DropShips attacking the station, ignoring the group that headed for Martim Vaz. That close decision allowed the Combine to destroy the shipyards and its defenders.[2]


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