Legion of Vega

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Insignia of the Legion of Vega
Legion of Vega
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Path of Redemption
Parent Formation DCMS
Formed 3011

While still tainted by the stigma of being a collection of misfits and malcontents unsuitable to serve in other DCMS units, the Legion of Vega regiments were among the first to follow the modern military doctrine of Theodore Kurita.


The Legion of Vega was conceived of by Takashi Kurita as a "sink" unit where soldiers who were unable to die honorably in battle, mercenaries who fell prey to the Combine's Company Store ploys, misfits, troublemakers, and malcontents could be isolated from the rest of the DCMS. These warriors weren't expected to do anything other than die for the Combine, and were often spent in battle with little thought to their honor or effective use. The Legion lived down to these expectations, but had an annoying habit of surviving.

After Theodore Kurita was assigned to command the Legion, things began to change. The Legionnaires saw that he was just as hated as they were, which bound the units to him. As the rest of the DCMS thought they had no honor, the Legion became a place for Theodore to experiment with "dishonorable" tactics that would offend other DCMS units. These tactics resulted in the Legion not only surviving, but succeeding in their objectives.

After Theodore was elevated to Gunji-no-Kanrei the DCMS saw the Legions in a different light: Instead of being the dumping ground for the useless or honorless, it served as a unit where shamed warriors could earn back their honor while still serving the Dragon.[1] Part of this recognition was the regiment's renaming from "The Pillagers", "The Boozers", and "The Looters" to names that were more fitting for DCMS troops.

In the immediate aftermath of the Jihad, the Legion of Vega found itself facing dramatic supply problems; by accident or by design, as late as mid 3081 the DCMS was failing to deliver any supplies to the brigade because the brigade's homeworld of Vega had been incorporated into the Republic of the Sphere. This neglect at the hands of the Combine led senior figures in the Republic to speculate that offering to base the Legions on Vega again might persuade the Legions to defect to the Republic en masse.[2]

The Legion of Vega actually gained some respect for its performance during the Jihad. Unfortunately since the end of the Jihad the Warlords of the Combine have seen fit to reassign their troublemakers to the Legion. The increased number of malcontents allowed the Legion to field a new unit, the Seventh Legion of Vega. This preponderance of soldiers who don't hold to the samurai ethic means that the post-Jihad Legions of Vega have to use more conventional assets in place of BattleMechs.[3]

By 3145 The Legion was suffering in two ways. Firstly the warriors who had shown the most improvement in their time with the Legion were transferred out to more worthy units. Secondly the Legion’s new regiment the Eighth Legion of Vega, was populated with the unwanted problem children of regiments across the DCMS. Though still highly motivated the troops posted to the Legion still hope their stay is only temporary.[4]

Units of the Legion of Vega[edit]


  • The 11th Legion of Vega was disbanded.
  • The 14th Legion of Vega was destroyed in March 3050.
  • The 16th Legion of Vega was disbanded.

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]


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