Minoru Tetsuhara

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Minoru Tetsuhara
Affiliation House Tetsuhara
Children Minobu Tetsuhara
Fuhito Tetsuhara
Yoshi Tetsuhara

Minoru Tetsuhara was a nobleman in service to House Kurita.

Character Brief[edit]

As a descendant of Jackson Hayes, who had changed the family name to Tetsuhara, Minoru Tetsuhara was a black man of African ancestry and a loyal servant of House Kurita. Theodore Kurita remembered him as one of his teachers at the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy and considered him one of his more important sensei. Takashi Kurita himself regarded him as a greater practitioner of bushido than Takashi himself.


Minoru Tetsuhara had three sons:

  • Yoshi Tetsuhara was dead by December 3027. He had the rank of Tai-i and received the posthumous black-and-red dragon banner (Glory of the Samurai) for great leaders fallen in battle.

Minoru Tetsuhara was presumably a MechWarrior himself, as he was a teacher at the renowned Sun Zhang Academy and the Tetsuhara family owned a "family 'Mech", Katana Kat (a PNT-9R Panther). It was piloted by Minoru's eldest son Minobu by 3021 but later passed on to the second son, Fuhito.