Grieg Samsonov

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Grieg Samsonov
Born 2970
Died 3030
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Tai-shu of Galedon

Grieg Samsonov - (Born 2970[1] - Died 3030) was an early 31st Century Draconis Combine MechWarrior, Military Officer, Politician, and Warlord of the Galedon Military District.[citation needed]

Warlord Grieg Samsonov in 3025

Character Description[edit]

Samsonov was a handsome tall man, despite signs of age from wrinkles and a sagging jowl. He has known to have very good sense of judgment of individual.

Character History[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Born and raised from a poor family on world of Tinaca. While attending school, he used his judgement abilities to discover local ISF placed there. He utilized the spy's resources enable him to set him on career to become a MechWarrior without him knowing.

Career as Military Officer[edit]

While attending Wisdom of the Dragon, he learned reasonable leadership skills, but was also able to develop excellent administrative skills. After graduating from military school, entered the DCMS and its political realms. He used his administrative skills within the military bureaucracy to keep whatever military command he was with well supplied, unlike many Combine units at the time. He earned the enmity of other officers for outperforming higher-ranking officers and officials.

He eventually ascended to become commanding officer of the 19th Galedon Regulars. While in command, his unit conducted a successful series of raids against border worlds into the Federated Commonwealth during the later years of the Third Succession War.

As Warlord of Galedon Military District[edit]

Coordinator Takashi Kurita in 3018, asked Samsonov to become new Warlord of the Galedon Military District. He accepted, enter realm of true politics, gaining wealth and prestige. However, in course of his military reign, he became petty.

During Galtor III campaign, it was discovered that Samsonov was blackmailing mercenary companies within his district, which caused significant problems during fighting on planet. His actions, caused fellow Warlord Yoriyoshi's troops go through hardships as their mercenary support loaded up with supplies prior to they did. [2]

He was eventually killed in 3030 by Michi Noketsuna (under the guise of the Bounty Hunter) after going rogue.[citation needed]


Preceded by
Warlord of the Galedon Military District

Succeeded by
Kester Hsiun Chi


  • Samsonov was a noted Atlas pilot, and used a personally modified version of that 'Mech during the Galtor Campaign.[3]


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