New Syrtis Shipyards

New Syrtis Shipyards
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) New Syrtis
Primary Products DropShips


One of the busiest shipbuilders in the Federated Suns, the New Syrtis Shipyards have been producing DropShips since the 24th century. Though they are known for manufacturing DropShips, the New Syrtis Shipyards also offer extensive repair and refit facilities. In fact these yards were fixing several AFFS WarShips after the FedCom Civil War. Most of the current repair yards were laid down in the 29th century, but between battle damage and repair/refit projects, the yards have maintained a near constant growth pattern. The Hasek family is a major investor in the shipyards, and they steer plenty of AFFS work towards the yards.[1]

In June 3022 the AFFS abruptly sealed off the New Syrtis Shipyards after a mysterious accident, maintaining DropShip and AeroSpace Fighter coverage to discourage any unauthorized approach as a near-constant flow of coded communications bounced between the Shipyards and the New Avalon Institute of Science, drawing the attention of the press as well as the other Great House intelligence agencies. [2] The Federated Suns government would issue their first official statement on what would be later called the "New Syrtis Incident" when the yards were reopened in 3025 - that an accident in one of the dry-docks had triggered a chain reaction between several chemical storage areas and a fusion reactor, triggering a massive explosion and requiring extensive repair and decontamination of the affected areas. While many accepted this, a number of conspiracy theorist were not convinced, supported by the public release of the investigation file in 3065. With many sections still heavily blacked-out and marked as "Classified" and corroborating sensor logs being lost "accidentally", the incident centred on a JumpShip dry-dock leased for four months to then-Interconnectedness Unlimited owned Golden Star Lines certainly seemed to be more than a mere industrial accident, with a number of eyewitness accounts indicating that the dry-dock was not destroyed in an explosion but that it "disappeared" as if in a Jump accident. Some of the more wild theories hold that the incident was an attempted cover-up for the development of some kind of experimental super-JumpShip.[3]

After suffering several attacks during the Jihad, including a crippling Taurian raid in October 3076,[4][5] the New Syrtis Shipyards lost their ability to produce WarShips. These attacks also eliminated the ability to repair WarShips, forcing the Shipyards to focus on DropShip production.[6] By 3079 cleanup efforts continued, but were expected to take a long time. The Jihad attacks cost the shipyards dearly. At least 90% of their facilities and personnel were destroyed in a few short years. The remaining slips and repair yards were operating at a mere 20% of their pre-Jihad levels.[7] In 3079 the New Syrtis Shipyards weren't producing new ships, but were repairing JumpShips. They were also working on repairing the FSS New Syrtis to return it to service,[8] although two years later the repair programme was still likely to take a number of years to complete. Despite the battered and reduced condition of the shipyards, they remain a critical asset for the Capellan March as the only shipyards within the March capable of service the surviving JumpShips and WarShips in the region.[9]


In 3025 the company CEO was Baroness Deborah Venchil.[2]

In 3067 the company's CEO was Baron Feodor Venchil.[1]


New Syrtis Shipyards has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Syrtis[edit]

The New Syrtis facility actually orbits the L-4 LaGrange point.[2] [10]

Components produced on New Syrtis:[11][12]
Component Type
Gazelle[1][13][12] DropShip
Mammoth[1][11] DropShip
Monarch[1][11] DropShip
Covenant[1] WarShip (Capability lost as of 3079.)[6]
Interplanetary Drive - Dropships
Bally Tech Super X40 Mammoth[11]
Marly 750 Monarch[11]
Star League V95 [citation needed]


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