Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Star Lord (modified)

The Norseman was a Star Lord-class JumpShip,[1] modified as a gift from the NAIS to feature a Lithium-Fusion Battery.[1] It is unknown if the modification reduced the number of operational docking hardpoints.

During the early Clan Invasion in 3050 the Norseman, escorted by three smaller Scout-class JumpShips,[1] was used to evacuate Haakon Magnusson, the Elected Prince of the Free Rasalhague Republic, from the Rasalhague system as it was overrun by Clan Wolf.[1] They fled to the provincial capital of Radstadt, using only uninhabited systems to recharge their Kearny-Fuchida Drives to evade pursuit. However, two breakdowns of the ship's drive and power cores required weeks of extensive repairs, delaying the flotilla.[1] When they finally jumped into the Radstadt system on 31 October 3050,[2] the system had already fallen. The Norseman and its accompanying vessels arrived only minutes away from the Clan Wolf flagship Dire Wolf, a Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShip.[1][3]

Since the Norseman was equipped with a L-F battery it could make a second jump and escape to safety, given time to plot a new jump. To buy the Elected Prince's ship time to depart, the Flying Drakøns aerospace wing who were escorting him immediately scrambled to attack the surprised Dire Wolf, precipitating the Battle of Radstadt. The Norseman did indeed manage to jump to safety, preserving Magnusson's safety.[1][3]


  • The class of the Norseman is never explicitly stated. The Wolf Clan Sourcebook, p. 40, confirms that the Norseman was equipped with a L-F battery system but otherwise only mentions that the Elected Prince's fleet consisted of a Star Lord and three smaller Scout-class vessels. However, it is strongly implied that the Norseman was in fact the Star Lord.


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