Production information
Production Year 2830[1]
Use Mech carrier
Type Spheroid
Tech Base Clan
Technical specifications
Mass 11,550 tons
Structural Integrity 18
Length 101 meters
Width 101 meters
Height 139 meters
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Max Thrust 2.5 g
Fuel (tons) 360 tons
Fuel (days) 195.7 days
Armament 3x ER Large Lasers
6x ER PPCs
3x Large Pulse Lasers
12x Medium Pulse Lasers
6x Ultra AC/5s
2x Ultra AC/20s
3x LRM-20s + Artemis IV FCS
Armor Fore: 35
Sides: 30
Aft: 25
Crew 43
Escape Pods/Life Boats 4/0
Heat Sinks 122 Double
BV (1.0) 8,836[2]


The Clan version of the Overlord is as impressive a DropShip within the Clans as the original is in the Inner Sphere. Capable of carrying an entire Cluster's worth of Mechs, the Overlord-C is one of the largest Mech carriers in existence. Originally intended as a "refit" of the Overlords that went with the Exodus fleet, the redesign quickly ended up as a new vessel, though one that closely resembles its progenitor.


The armor of Overlord-C is impressive, being nearly 50% better than the original design. It's weapon load out is similarly better, with a good long range punch provided by three ER Large Lasers, six ER PPCs, three Large Pulse Lasers and three LRM-20s. In close range the ship is even deadlier, being able to bring to bear its twelve Medium Pulse Lasers, six Ultra AC-5s and two Ultra AC-20s. It carries respectable amounts of ammunition for all its weapons, though it has some blind spots in its aft arc that require careful piloting by the ship's captain to prevent exploitation.


  • Cargo: 1,181 Tons
  • Bay 1: 15 Mechs/Cargo - 3 Doors
  • Bay 2: 15 Mechs/Cargo - 3 Doors
  • Bay 3: 15 Mechs/Cargo - 3 Doors

Named Vessels[edit]

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