Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Raconteur was a Union-class DropShip owned and operated by the hard-luck mercenary unit known as Wilson's Hussars. The Raconteur was noted as being an aging vessel in 3067.[1]

When the Word of Blake attacked Nopah in 3068 their forces captured the Raconteur and would hold it for several months as Wilson's Hussars went into hiding and attempted to find a way of recapturing the DropShip and escaping offworld. After several hit and run attacks a lucky shot from a sniper killed the Blakist commander, giving the Hussars the opportunity they needed; the Hussars attacked the spaceport, grabbed the Raconteur and boosted offworld. A passing merchant ship gave the Hussars a route out of the Nopah system and away to Valexa.[1]


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