Sanethia Kurita Parade Grounds

The Sanethia Kurita Parade Grounds are an area located on the Imperial Palace grounds on Luthien where a minor battle between Loyalists and the Black Dragon Society was fought.[1]


The Sanethia Kurita Parade Grounds were named after Coordinator Sanethia Kurita.[2]

The grounds include the primary gate complex to the Imperial Palace.[1]


Black Dragon Coup[edit]

On the morning of 1 January 3068, the Second Sword of Light forces of the Kokuryu-kai attacked the Imperial Palace from the surrounding environs, engaging the Loyalist forces of the same unit, as well as the Otomo and Izanagi Warriors. The Black Dragons were assisted by the mercenary unit Sathen's Snipers. Once they captured the primary gate complex, the palace fell shortly after. Prior to the Black Dragons' victory, Franklin Sakamoto of the Otomo was captured and Griffon Meshune was killed. The Third Luthien Guards successfully withdrew from the battle, largely in part due to the palace's loyalist samurai.[1]


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