Production information
Manufacturer Corean-General Motors
Production Year 3080[1]
Model MN1-D
Class Medium
Cost Unknown
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Standard
Armor Primitive Armor
Engine 240 Primitive
Speed 60 km/h

1x Binary Laser Cannon
1x Medium Laser
1x Small Laser
1x Machine Gun

BV (2.0) 850 [2]


One of the first Primitive Technology BattleMechs produced by the Free Worlds League, the Sarissa (named for the Greek spear from ancient Terra) is one of many centuries old Age of War designs reborn during the desperation of the Jihad.

A contemporary of the Icarus and Mackie, the original MN1-K Sarissa (designed sometime shortly after 2470) was intended as a stopgap that could be readily manufactured in civilian IndustrialMech facilities to bolster the League's member state militias in the face of Lyran Commonwealth and Capellan Confederation newborn BattleMech forces. This philosophy would also make the Sarissa very appealing in 3080 as the Principality of Regulus suffered increasing losses during the Word of Blake Jihad, favoring even a Primitive BattleMech over even more simple to build Combat Vehicles for propaganda purposes.[2]

Built using a Primitive Cockpit, a primitive 240 rated Fusion Engine can only propel the design an average speed of 40 kph, topping out in the 60 kmph range. The design's main failing on the modern battlefield is its use of near-commercial grade armor, a mere ten tons of Primitive Armor offering lackluster protection as best. [2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Originally carrying a fairly simple weapons array, the Regulan's modern MN1-D model mounts a weapon load-out intended to handle a range of threats. Replacing the MN1-K's standard Large Laser with a more powerful Binary Laser Cannon gives the design significant punch for its size, supported by standard Medium Laser. To combat civil disorder, a Machine Gun with half a ton of reloads is mounted alongside a Small Laser in the 'Mech's center torso. [2]


  • MN1-K 
    The original Sarissa was armed with a standard Large Laser and several Medium Lasers. [2]
  • MN2-A 
    This is an updated version of the MN1-K that has been rebuilt using an IndustrialMech production line. It keeps the same weapons configuration as the MN1-D but replaces the Primitive Engine, Primitive Armor, and Primitive Cockpit with more modern upgrades. It's protected by Heavy Industrial Armor and adds an ejection seat so the pilot can escape. Eighteen heat sinks disperse the weapons heat, and upgrated with an GM 200 fusion engine. BV (2.0) = 771[3]
  • Armor 
    A refit variant projected to be made by the Principality of Regulus had placed plans to produce refit kits to update the Sarissas produced during the Jihad. The variant would feature standard BattleMech grade armor from 3085 onward in place of its primitive armor. [2]

Design Quirks[edit]

The MN2-A Sarissa variant is subject to the following Design Quirks:


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