Sharp Claw

Sharp Claw
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord-C

The Sharp Claw was a Clan Ghost Bear Overlord-C-class DropShip that was destroyed in the Clan Invasion.

Carried to the Damian system on the WarShip Bear's Den, the Sharp Claw was struck by a rogue asteroid within seconds of arriving in-system.[1][2][3]

Though the damage was restricted to the single DropShip, it cost Clan Ghost Bear nearly the entire Third Bear Striker Cluster. Star Commander Richard Bekker earned five lines in the Remembrance for saving altogether ten people aboard the stricken ship including Star Colonel François Cote. The 3rd Bear Striker Cluster was subsequently retired from the Ghost Bear touman, though the few survivors were not officially transferred to their new assignments, but were rather "attached" to their new units while remaining technically on the rolls of the 3rd Bear Striker in honor of the lost unit.[4]


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