Clan Ghost Bear Touman

The Clan Ghost Bear Touman is the military arm of Clan Ghost Bear, and Rasalhague Dominion.

Unit Structure[edit]

Clan Ghost Bear, favoring heavy firepower and fast speed, fields as standard front-line Clusters composed of three OmniMech Trinaries, one Elemental Binary and one OmniFighter Binary. One or more 'Mech Trinary is often upgraded to a Supernova, with the Fire Moth serving as de-facto Elemental carriers. Variations on the standard Cluster are Striker Clusters featuring a higher ratio of fast, jump-capable 'Mechs, while Assault Clusters favor larger numbers of heavy and assault 'Mechs. Every front-line Galaxy is led by a Keshik, typically a reinforced Supernova Trinary of four Stars.[1]

Second-line Clusters follow roughly the same format, the exception being Phalanx Clusters. Organized specifically for defensive operations, they include conventional armor in addition to infantry and 'Mechs. Another unique feature of the Ghost Bear touman, thanks to possibly the largest contingent of Elementals of all the Clans, is an entire Galaxy composed of these Battle Armor troopers.[1]

Touman Structure[edit]

The forces listed below represents the Ghost Bear Touman in 3079.[2][3] [4]

Current Galaxies[edit]

Alpha Galaxy (The Golden Bears)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Gbalpha.jpg 3061
Command Supernova
Trinary Galaxy Command
1st Bear Guards
3rd Bear Guards
50th Striker Cluster
1st Rasalhague Bears
Command Supernova (The Ourse Keshik)
Trinary Galaxy Command (The Silveroot Keshik)
1st Bear Guards (The Rage)
3rd Bear Guards (The ilKhan's Shield)
50th Striker Cluster (The Black Bears)
1st Rasalhague Bears

Beta Galaxy (Night Howlers)[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Gbbeta.jpg 3059
Trinary Galaxy Command
12th Bear Chevaliers
304th Assault Cluster
332nd Assault Cluster
14th Battle Cluster
Trinary Galaxy Command (The Shrill Keshik)
12th Bear Chevaliers (The Wendigos)
304th Assault Cluster (The Howling Bears)
332nd Assault Cluster (The Iowa Blacklancers)
14th Battle Cluster (The Maulers)

Delta Galaxy (The Blitzkrieg)[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Gbdelta.jpg 3059
Trinary Galaxy Command
8th Bear Cuirassiers
73rd Battle Cluster
68th Striker Cluster
115th Striker Cluster
140th Striker Cluster
Trinary Galaxy Command (Jorgensson's Keshik)
8th Bear Cuirassiers (The Blinding Drive)
73rd Battle Cluster(The Lash)
68th Striker Cluster(The Walking Panzers)
115th Striker Cluster (The Rolling Wave)
140th Striker Cluster (Death From Above)

Rho Galaxy (Bear Essentials)[edit]

Rho Galaxy
Gbrho.jpg 3059
Trinary Galaxy Command
18th Battle Cluster
243rd Battle Cluster
283rd Battle Cluster
297th Battle Cluster
300th Battle Cluster
Trinary Galaxy Command (Kabrinski's Keshik)
18th Battle Cluster (Fire With Fire)
243rd Battle Cluster (Apollo's Chariot)
283rd Battle Cluster (Ursine Inferno)
297th Battle Cluster (The Burnout Brigade)
300th Battle Cluster (Roaring Phoenix)

Omega Galaxy (The Raging Bears)[edit]

Omega Galaxy
Gbomega.jpg 3059
Trinary Galaxy Command
139th Striker Cluster
5th Bear Guards
357th Assault Cluster
10th Bear Cuirassiers
Trinary Galaxy Command (Tseng's Keshik)
139th Striker Cluster (The Sphere Hunters)
5th Bear Guards (Arctic Thunder)
357th Assault Cluster (The Cave Bears)
10th Bear Cuirassiers (Tundra Roughriders)

Theta Galaxy[edit]

Theta Galaxy
Gbtheta.jpg 3059
3rd Bear Regulars
17th PGC
30th PGC
7th Phalanx
3rd Bear Regulars
17th Provisional Garrison Cluster
30th Provisional Garrison Cluster
7th Phalanx

Kappa Galaxy[edit]

Kappa Galaxy
Gbkappa.jpg 3059
4th Bear Regulars
11th PGC
14th PGC
63rd PGC
4th Bear Regulars
11th Provisional Garrison Cluster
14th Provisional Garrison Cluster
63rd Provisional Garrison Cluster
Disbanded due to losses inflicted
by Clan Hell's Horses on Goito.[5]

Xi Galaxy[edit]

Xi Galaxy
Gbxi.jpg 3059
5th Bear Regulars
10th PGC
42nd PGC
56th PGC
5th Bear Regulars
10th Provisional Garrison Cluster
42nd Provisional Garrison Cluster
56th Provisional Garrison Cluster

Omicron Galaxy[edit]

Omicron Galaxy
Gbomicron.jpg 3059
6th Bear Regulars
33rd PGC
55th PGC
69th PGC
6th Bear Regulars
33rd Provisional Garrison Cluster
55th Provisional Garrison Cluster
69th Provisional Garrison Cluster

Pi Galaxy[edit]

Pi Galaxy
Gbpi.jpg 3059
23rd PGC
29th PGC
54th PGC
5th Phalanx
13th Phalanx
23rd Provisional Garrison Cluster
29th Provisional Garrison Cluster
54th Provisional Garrison Cluster
5th Phalanx
13th Phalanx

Sigma Galaxy[edit]

Sigma Galaxy
Gbsigma.jpg 3059
7th Bear Regulars
12th PGC
10th Phalanx
21st Phalanx
7th Bear Regulars
12th Provisional Garrison Cluster
10th Phalanx
21st Phalanx

Tau Galaxy[edit]

Tau Galaxy
Gbtau.jpg 3059
1st Bear Regulars
2nd Bear Regulars
9th PGC
18th PGC
37th PGC
1st Bear Regulars
2nd Bear Regulars
9th Provisional Garrison Cluster
18th Provisional Garrison Cluster
37th Provisional Garrison Cluster

Rasalhague Galaxy[edit]

Valkyrie Galaxy[edit]

Former Galaxies[edit]

Zeta Galaxy (Claws of the Ghost)[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Gbzeta.jpg 3059
1st Claw
2nd Claw
3rd Claw
4th Claw
1st Claw
2nd Claw
3rd Claw
4th Claw

Naval Reserve[edit]

Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Military Rank Insignia
Uniform Rank Insignia Point Rank Point Insignia
Point Commander GhostBear-PointCommander.png Point 1 GhostBear-Point1.png
Star Commander GhostBear-StarCommander.png Point 2 GhostBear-Point2.png
Star Captain GhostBear-StarCaptain.png Point 3 GhostBear-Point3.png
Star Colonel GhostBear-StarColonel.png Point 4 GhostBear-Point4.png
Galaxy Commander GhostBear-GalaxyCommander.png Point 5 GhostBear-Point5.png
Khan GhostBear-Khan.png



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