Stalwart Defender

Stalwart Defender
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Sovetskii Soyuz


One of many WarShips to be disabled and abandoned or lost during the Star League era or the early Succession Wars, the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser later known as the Stalwart Defender was one of a number of ships recovered by the Word of Blake[1] and restored to working order in secret.[2]

The WoBS Stalwart Defender was one of two Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruisers to serve in the Blakist fleet during the Jihad;[1] prior to the Jihad, the Word of Blake was only known to be operating a small black water navy of some six WarShips, none of which were Sovetskii Soyuzes,[2] but the Word of Blake had secretly recovered two Sovetskii Soyuzes from sites around the Inner Sphere such as the abandoned Star League Defense Force facility known as the Ruins of Gabriel and restored them to operational status. Those two Sovetskii Soyuzes were the Stalwart Defender and her sister ship WoBS Vigilant Guardian.[1]

While her sister ship Vigilant Guardian survived the Jihad and vanished along with a small flotilla of other WarShips, the Stalwart Defender was destroyed, like the majority of the Blakist black water navy; the Stalwart Defender was destroyed in the Nusakan system in 3068,[1] and was possibly a casualty of what was reported as a battle being fought by unknown ships in the system on the 24th of February by Skye Broadcasting.[3][4]


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