Storm's Metal Thunder

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Storm's Metal Thunder is a mercenary regiment created in 3024 by former LCAF Captain Griff Storm.


Late Succession Wars Era[edit]

In 3034 while garrisoning the planet Loxley Griff Storm discovered a Star League era mech factory. In 3046 Griff Storm with his business partner Sammuel Norse and substantial loans from the Lyran goverment brought the factory on-line creating Norse-Storm BattleMechs Inc. Storm's Metal Thunder remained loyal to House Steiner following the disolution of the Federated Commonwealth and persuaded his partners in Norse-Storm to provide the Lyran Alliance exclusively with the Devastator assault 'Mech.


FedCom Civil War and Destruction[edit]

Going into the FedCom Civil War, the unit was firmly loyal to Katherine Steiner-Davion. Based on Kikuyu, they were soon sent into action along with the 6th Donegal Guards against the 8th Deneb Light Cavalry in January of 3063. The Loyalists were ultimately successful in driving a heavily damaged Cavalry from the planet. Later, the unit was moved to Blue Hole where they faced the Clan Jade Falcon incursion. They were considered effectively destroyed on that planet and their command was wiped out, though at least two surviving Mechwarriors and an unknown number of dependents apparently survived to link up with Marshall Sharon Bryan on Melissia. These two warriors, a pair of brothers, survived the fighting on that planet to join with Adam Steiner's task force during Operation Audacity.[1] [2]

Composition History[edit]



  • Storm's Metal Thunder (1 Regiment)
    • CO/1st Battalion: Colonel Griff Storm
    • XO: Lt. Colonel Gale Storm-Tarackion
    • 2nd Battalion: Major Christine Steele
    • 3rd Battalion: Major Joe Prahl



  • The Mud Rats (2 Battalions)
    • Infantry Commander: Major Jason Tyler
    • 2nd Battalion: Major Maggie Elliot